Spend 21 days (at your own pace) learning & perfecting your manifesting abilities. 

Bonjour Beautiful Soul.

Ready to unleash your inner manifesting badass (goddess, ninja, mother of dragons) and create a life you LOVE?  

That’s a no-brainer. Who doesn’t want to feel like the Queen/King of the World in their life?

Answer = NO ONE. 

But the truth is . . . everyone wants to have a life they love, but most people aren’t willing to do the work it takes to get there.

And here is the cool thing and also the hardest thing for most people to accept . . . 

It’s not hard or complicated to have the healthy, fit body you want. 

It doesn’t take hours of grueling work to attract abundance into your life.

It’s isn’t up to FATE to call your soulmate into your life.

We make it hard and complicated because we are taught from a young age that struggle, hustle and “no pain, no gain”—are the best ways to live a successful life.


I don’t think struggle, strife and pain are prerequisites for an amazing life. I hope you agree. 

And wherever it is that you may find yourself in life . . . it can always get better.  You can always step into that NEXT LEVEL in your life and discover your unique “je ne sais quoi.” 

Maybe you’ve achieved success in certain areas of your life but fall short in others. OR you’ve read all the books about how to live a better life, invested gobs of money on programs, coaching, and online courses—but still aren’t quite where you want to be.

You want a solution that works FOR YOU and that isn’t just a bunch of new age blah-blah. I GET IT. 

And whatever it is that you want—better health, more wealth, more happiness, you won’t get there by doing the same things over and over again.  If you want a more energetically rich life—you’ll need to make a few new choices. CHOICES THAT GET YOU ON TRACK TO FEELING ALIVE, FREE, ABUNDANT AND POWERFUL. 



Every day you have TWO choices (even though it may seem like a ga-zillion)—

1. You can keep doing things that keep you feeling stuck, frustrated, bored and NOT in alignment with your dreams. Or . . . 

2. You can start choosing things that get you ON TRACK to living your dreams—or at least on track to creating a life that feels better, more aligned, and more satisfying. 


It’s so simple, yet it works. It’s so basic, but it delivers results. This is YOUR time to stop spinning your wheels, stop comparing yourself to everyone else, stop playing small and  SAY HELL YES to choosing your dreams. 

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


Hey there, I’m Carrie. I’ve been ­­teaching entrepreneurs, CEO’S and influencers how to create energetically rich, powerful lives for many moons.  

I love working with those who are ready to roll up their sleeves and open their minds to seeing the world in a different way.

A way that opens doors to the miraculous and magical. 

Our minds are just that powerful. We can create a world of hope, love and abundance or we can create a world with the opposite of those things. 

It all comes down to a choice. And understanding that power is the first step in creating a life you love. Very simple. Very powerful. 

I am a coach, a writer and an avid Francophile. My vibe is very much about manifesting, mindset, energy and the power of choice.  


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Tara Marino

“So amazing Carrie Dale this book will change lives. You should be so proud! xoxoxo Bisous”

Saskia J.

“I acknowledge you for sending fabulous newsletters…always at the right time. It is certainly one I read the same day and read it again….no deleting here:-) Thank you so much for your wisdom and compassion.”

Dana Canneto

“Carrie…I am not kidding when I say that I CANNOT put your book down and it came upon me at the PERFECT time!! Bravo!!! It’s awesome. I have 2 choices and I chse to ‘feel good’… love you and SO incredibly happy for you as I know (and remember) how much this book meant to you!!!!”

Jennifer D., UK

“Thank you for believing in me, helping me get clear on a few sticky topics.  I am looking forward to clearing my space and removing energies, raising my vibrations with your help. Thanks also for your time and sharing your knowledge.”