You want to feel good about your life.

 And you want to live life on your own terms.

Who doesn’t want a life they love, with less restrictions and more FREEDOM? A life that doesn’t feel like you are boxed in. Stuck. Bored. Blah.  

The truth is, creating a life that you truly, sincerely, deeply love is a little more involved than simply making a list, reading a few books and joining a mastermind. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. 

You understand that there’s work involved with creating a life you love—you get it. And you’d like to find a way to take your commitment and desire to change and turn it into results. Real results. 

This isn’t about creating another list of intentions and goals that sits next to your nightstand and gathers dust bunnies.

  • No more waiting for next year to take the vacation. No more waiting until________ so you can be happier.

  • No more waiting for the ideal situation, so you can feel like your life has finally started.

I get it. I’ve been there. And I understand. 


I’m a manifesting expert, self-help writer, and world traveler

I help entrepreneurs, execs, & influencers move through their energetic blocks, and finally understand how to use their energy to create powerful, energetically RICH lives.

Lives that feel aligned with truth, connection & true satisfaction. 

Is it magic that changes everything overnight? No, it isn’t magic. Not always. 

But I will tell you that when you learn to be in the driver’s seat with your feelings and thoughts (which equals your energy)—you do feel like you can move mountains. And that does start to feel magical. 

It’s that sort of magical feeling you get when the repeating numbers show up (11:11, 2:22, 1:23) or when the person you were just thinking about calls you.

It’s all those little life synchronicities that appear when you are in your zone.

Or, as the great author and thought leader Gail Hendricks refers to it, your ZONE OF GENIUS.

So, while I may not be able to help with the dust bunnies—I can show you how to get on track to creating more of what you DO WANT and less of what you DON’T WANT.  And if that’s not enough, then on to moving mountains! 

I have 8 seconds.

According to the experts, I only have eight seconds to grab your attention.  If you don’t stay for eight seconds, then you’re off and away—searching for that thing that does hold your attention (and those things are becoming less and less, according to research)

Who knows what we may miss out on because we are all so distracted and BUSY.  Travel? Finding our soulmate? Ideas that come to us that we don’t act on because we can’t focus? 

But here’s the deal, I believe you are always right where you need to be (even the challenging times). As cliche as it may sound, if it’s meant to be—it will be.  

So, the whole eight-second thing—let’s toss that right out the window.  

There. Tossed. 

If there is a message or strategy here that you are meant to hear—you’ll make it past eight seconds (and check out what 8 means in the world of numerology . . .  interesting!)

Just go where it feels right for you. 

I care about you spending each and every eight seconds of your life in the right place for you.

If you are still here—the full eight seconds and beyond— you are either curious, mildly entertained or FEELING IT. 

And if I had to craft a sentence that captured a little bit about me, this space + who I enjoy spending my seconds with, this would be one version—

I am a passionate writer, choice strategist & manifesting coach who enjoys helping people create lives of passion & purpose. (think manifesting without the b.s., & personal growth without the patchouli : )  Yes, there will be talk of woo-woo, miracles, mantras and the occasional unicorn.  All with the intention to get you connected with YOUR truth, on your path and enjoying your life.

Less struggle, more fun + play. That’s the deal-e-o. 

Yes, you can have a passion filled, purposeful & prosperous life—and have fun in the process!

In fact, pleasure + enjoying are absolute requirements for creating a life that lights us up. 

So, if you are the type that enjoys struggle, strife and self-inflicted pain—not gonna lie—this isn’t the space for you love. 

However, if you want to feel clear about your direction in life, unwavering in your truth, unstoppable & connected to the pulse of your life—then this could be the start of something beautiful and extraordinary. 

You have brains in your head. (💛 Dr. Seuss)               

And I trust, on most days, you know what to do with them—those brains. But I also know that despite our best intentions to grow, evolve and live lives that are simply on point . . . we get off track. Sometimes we just need a little push (or a huge loving shove) in the right direction.

You may be looking for a fresh perspective or intuitive insights about how to get unstuck and how to use that lovely brain you have for good things, great things—extraordinary things. 

You are ready to clear away the mental clutter and hit the refresh button for your mind and soul. 

What I help fix.  

Another thing the experts say is that I need to make it very clear what problem of yours I can fix (in 8 seconds, nonetheless…..but no pressure).  

I don’t know if I can help, but maybe I can.  Remember that thing I said earlier—if it’s meant to be, it will be? 

I am not perfect. I have bad days like anyone else. I get annoyed when people don’t use their turn signals (arghhhhh, people, come on!).

But I do know boatloads about how to turn any personal struggle into personal success.

If you’re interested in guidance from someone who has been there, done that and bounced back better, stronger and more alive from those struggles—that would be MOI (me, in French).

You know.

You do. You know far more than you give yourself credit for.  And you are capable of big things—superwoman things. You know things that can help other people. You know stuff that no one else does. 

I love to help people discover their knowing, their gifts and their creative offerings to the world. 

Even though there are many things you know—you are searching for a bit of guidance (but not in another program with a gazillion handouts, the same of self-help rhetoric over and over again, but with little results). 

You know. But you want to know MORE and you want less talk, more action and more visible results in your life. 

I am super important. (my dog thinks so anyway).     

Also according to the experts—I need to position myself in a way where I am seen as an expert, as someone who can help you + someone you instantly trust. (again, no pressure)

On an intellectual level—I get this. I have a degree in psychology and am also super nerdy about marketing. I love it for some strange reason. 

But for me, it’s all about connection + energy.  Not so much about what someone has done, how many degrees they have, or how impressive their website is. 

Importance, expert status + all that stuff, is simply about perception. And perception is all about energy. 

The only thing that sets me apart from you—is that I have different life experiences that may be able to help you get through your life experiences.

I may be the eyes that can help your eyes, heart, and soul see another way. 

I wrote a  book about the power and gift of choice, called, The 2 Choices. I have a few degrees, travel the world on a regular basis, am married to the love of my life and have learned to manifest an incredible life—in about 5 short years.  

But that doesn’t make me feel important, like an expert, or like it should impress anyone. 

It just makes me feel happy, alive & connected.  It also makes me feel super grateful for the work I have put into learning about energy, the power of choice, gratitude, connecting with my truth and walking my path in life. 

You matter. You are important. Once you see that you don’t need me (or any other expert for that matter)—you graduate into the school of your own greatness, can be your own guru, expert + personal confidante (OUI, OUI).

You are free to go. 

I think we can all agree that we are inundated with too much. Too much social media. Too much busy-ness. Too many choices. I think we all get that we have a monumental amount of things that can easily turn into unhealthy distractions.  And those distractions can get in the way of our overall quality of life if we don’t know how to handle them. 

If something is holding you back—you have a choice. You can stay, or you can go. 

You are free to leave a job that bores you to tears. 

You are free to leave a relationship that no longer serves you. 

You are free to unsubscribe from all those e-mail lists that you really don’t pay attention to, but that create a sense of clutter in your life. 

You are free to create a life that is about quality over quantity (well, there are a few things that aren’t so bad in quantity ; )

I love helping people say YES to their desires and break free from things that don’t feel right. And sometimes, that is a simple as changing your perspective, which changes your energy—and invites things you want into your life.

Discovering how liberating it can be when you choose a life based on your unique path is where the magic happens. 

Sarcasm + serotonin.

Aside from many nice and pleasant things like nature, my dogs, wine, travel, nice clothes, angel cards, time with family and friends, charities, bacon, and nice skincare–I enjoy a little bit of kind-hearted sarcasm.

It’s part of who I am—spiritually sarcastic. 

And who doesn’t need a little laugh here and there? Laughter is healing, cathartic and increases our serotonin levels so that our beautiful brains can be more creative, conscious, joyful and connected. 

So, if you are put off by a bit of sarcasm—not gonna lie—we probably won’t be going to France together. 

Shoulda, coulda, woulda . . . 

Let’s be real. Let’s drop the shoulds, woulds, coulds and have to’s.

Let’s breathe, slow down & do what we are here to do—ENJOY ALL OF OUR EIGHT SECONDS. 

Let’s travel, sing & dance, write books, make art, travel the world and connect with amazing people.

Let’s choose love over hate, forgiveness over blame and understanding over judgment.

We have 2 choices—to say yes to our lives or to hide. 

Let’s let go of needing to get it right, or perfect and simply do it. Try something different if what you are currently doing isn’t making your heart pitter patter.

Let’s go there.  

Big blessings,


p.s. I knew you were at least a 5 minuter from the get-go.