Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.—Dr. Seuss

Congratulations on (almost) making it through this past few months, where we experienced 7 planets in retrograde, a Lions gate portal on August 8th and just nearing the end of Mercury retrograde which ends on the 18th.


If you don’t know what any of those things are, and want to learn more, here are a couple of links you can check out—

Lions gate portal

7 planets in retrograde summer 2018

So things seemed a bit intense for you lately— now you know why.

For me, the past few months have been deeply transformational. 🔥

I chose to step away from many things I felt I “had” to do so that I could fall back in love with what I truly wanted to do.

Yay. I am back in love again. 

Sometimes, the most important thing you can do for your mental, spiritual and physical health is to remove as much of the “chatter” from life that you can.

The chatter may be the social media feeds you scroll through that don’t add much value to your life and take away time you could be doing something that feeds your soul.

The chatter are the endless to-do lists we tell ourselves we MUST get done, or else. Or else what?  Is it really the end of the world if we don’t get it all done?

It’s all the stuff that you’re doing or focusing on that isn’t moving you towards where you want to be.


When we catch ourselves back in the place of being a human doing, rather than a human being, we know because of how we FEEL.

We feel frazzled, hurried, snappy, bitchy, cranky, angry, reactive, tired, bored, depressed, and overall shitty.

And what I LOVE so much about these crazy planet occurrences that just happened, is that they provide ample opportunities to get very REAL about where you fall on the continuum of a human being or a human doing.

They turn up the volume on where you are “off’ energetically, so you can’t hide from what’s really going on.

Now obviously, we have to get shit done. Obviously.

But the point is . . . .sometimes we take it to an extreme, and forget to enjoy the moments. We get stuck doing things that drain us and we need to step away for awhile, remove the chatter, the clutter, the unnecessary, so we can remember what it is that we love. 

We aren’t here to be the world’s best do-er’s. NOPE.

Sure, the toilet needs to get scrubbed and someone has to take out the garbage, but this is about the bigger picture things. The things you might think about when you are taking your last breaths. The fun, the joy, the laughs with loved ones, the vacations, the long meals with friends, the quiet moments reading books, the memories that matter.  

And sometimes it’s as simple as a shift in perspective. Sometimes it’s just remembering to remember how special each moment is—that we are here, alive, a miracle of sorts. 

Today, is 8-16-18. There is about another week left in this retrograde period.

Are you ready to fall in love (or serious like) with your life? 💛

To make the most out of the final days of this VERY powerful past few months, I would recommend the following—

1. Get out in nature as much as you can. Connect with the outside world and go barefoot if possible. This will help you get grounded and heighten intuition.

2. Breathe more deeply and more consciously.  Do this always. Most people are super shallow breathers and it disconnects us from our higher knowing.

3. Practice self-care and personal boundaries. Take a bath, get a massage, do something nice for yourself. Watch boundaries with others and ask for space when you need it. Use this time to fall back in love with YOU and with LIFE.

4. Ask for guidance, signs or support from your higher self, God, angels (whatever works for you). And then be OPEN to receiving that guidance.

You can step away from what is no longer serving you. YES. YOU. CAN.

You can remove the chatter. DO IT.

You can let that shit go. 👏

You got this.

Sending so much love.