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Create Your Energetically Rich Life


Private Coaching & Strategy Session

Bonjour beautiful soul. 

I may not have all the answers, but I do know this . . .

Anywhere, anytime, you have exactly what you need to create significant change in your life. Oui. Yes. You do. 

But it doesn’t matter if I believe it—it matters that YOU believe it.

That is ground zero. And that’s where the magic begins.

Maybe you want to end the frustration of feeling stuck in regards to money, love, health and your big dreams in life— and move into a place of clarity.

Maybe you want to be in the driver’s seat with your thoughts and feelings (your energy) rather than feeling controlled by them.

You aren’t a total stranger to this idea that your energy impacts what you get in life, but you’d like to understand it even better. You want this shit to work! 

The basis of it all is your energy. Master your energy and you start to master all aspects of your life.  You shift from the oh-so-energy sucking place of victimhood to the oh-so-awesome place of accountability and ownership. 

You get your effing life back baby. 

Create Your Energetically Rich Life (one on one private coaching session) will help you discover what’s “off” in regards to your energy, so you can start creating more of what you want in your life. What we will work on—

  • Getting relief from feeling wishy-washy about your desires—time to get focused.
  • Uncovering YOUR secrets and what you are holding back from yourself and the world.
  • Finding strategies that will help you to be more aware as to what your true energy patterns are.
  • A personalized plan that will help keep you on track when you find yourself sliding back into old patterns.

And best of all, as the saying goes—this works if you work it.

Not only does it work, it feels so good to live life from a place of abundance and your unique divine power. YOUR GOD GIVEN GIFTS.   



My experience of Carrie’s energy sessions is purely positive—I was profoundly changed by her beautiful insights, drawn from her very clear intuitive ability, as well as her own experiences as a professional woman and spiritual seeker. Carrie was able to spot the pitfalls I had fallen prey to in my work and overall lifestyle—expecting myself to be perfect, to fix everyone’s problems, to do it all on my own.  She was helped steer me into a much larger perspective, one based on self-love and the realization that I deserve to be fulfilled in my work, not just pressured by it. And to live a life as joyous as a day spent exploring Paris—a city she knows so well.

I am grateful to Carrie not only for her words of wisdom but for her deliberate collaboration with my Spirit team of guides, Angels, and higher self. And for the beautiful example she gives us of a fulfilling life—one where we realize it’s not our job to fix the world, just to be a living example of beauty, honesty, and joy.  From there, we are all empowered to shine from a soul level, which in turn only inspires others to do the same.  My grateful thanks to Carrie—I highly recommend her program, as well as her beautiful book, The 2 Choices, a wonderful journey into finding and fulfilling our most joyful path.

Caroline Oceana Ryan

Channeler/Speaker and Author of The Ascension Manuals, Abundance For All, and Connections

What you’ll receive with this 1 on 1 coaching package—

  • Personal Energy Assessment—designed to gather details about your energy, your life, and your desires.

  • 1 Coaching call per week via Skype or Zoom.
  • 4 weeks of unlimited email support.  

  • 2-week post session follow up and e-mail support to handle questions that come up after our session.

  • Divine Powerful Intentions PDF—a guide to support you in creating powerful intentions. Intentions are the jet fuel for creating BIG MAGIC in your life. And who doesn’t want big magic?

Those that I see creating the most magic in their lives are the ones that are ready to remove blocks to moving forward.

Removing these blocks to prosperity, health, love . . . anything—is the key to improving your life. It can’t improve when you’re thinking and feeling the same as you have in the past. But it requires a new level of introspection and awareness into the things you may tell yourself (it’s too much, I’ll do it later, I already know this, I can’t afford it, it won’t work) and recognize those are all subtle ways you may be sabotaging your growth and happiness. 

If your soul is saying YES, but your head is saying NO—ask yourself how that excuse is keeping you from your next level in life.

If money is the trigger, then working through that trigger by doing something OUTSIDE your comfort zone, is the key to beginning this shift.

 Whatever you choose—sending love and divine guidance that you will find what you’re looking for.

The Investment for Create Your Energetically Rich Life is $1100. 

There are a limited number of these sessions available (this isn’t some marketing tactic, it’s the truth. I keep the numbers small to honor my boundaries and to be able to show up 111% for you). 

If you’re ready— simply follow these steps.

  1. Make your payment here (PayPal link)
  2. Within 24 hours you’ll receive instructions and next steps for us to get started.
  3. We will schedule your first session (via Skype or phone) and you are on your way to your NEXT LEVEL.  Go you!

And I can’t wait to see what happens for you.



p.s.  *An energetically rich life is a life that feels like a $$$$$$ dollars. Maybe you don’t have 7 figures in the bank (yet ; ) the perfect body, or the perfect relationship, but that doesn’t matter. Your soul knows what’s possible and you’re ready to say YES to that calling. All things become possible when we simply choose to say YES. 

seen in . . .