Eleven Daily Habits to Increase Your Personal Excellence

(and attract more + more joy, goodness and peak life experiences your way)

  1. Connect with spirit (God, Source, Angels, the Divine . . . whatever it is for you) first thing when you wake up. ) Make it a practice to have your first thoughts of the day be about your spiritual connection. 
  2. Find something to be grateful for before your feet hit the ground in the morning. Start the day with an energy of gratitude + watch how it returns.
  3. Self care routine. Take 10-15 minutes daily for self care and self awareness. This is to be done with as few distractions as possible (but trust me, I know how it goes . . . my two dogs are generally sitting nearby or breathing in my ear) and includes whatever feels relaxing and grounding to you—meditating, tea, coffee, or warm lemon water.
  4. Set an intention for the day. This is different than a “to-do” list. Your intention for the day is more about the overall snapshot of your day. How do you want to feel? What’s going to be the main energy + desire throughout the day?
  5.  Health habit.  Move your body. This can be a gentle walk, yoga, or whatever form of exercise feels good to you. 
  6.  Feeling awareness. Be aware of how you feel and how you react to things during the day.  It isn’t about ignoring or pretending negative feelings aren’t there, but it is about becoming a conscious  observer of your feelings and then learning to channel them in a constructive way. How you feel is a direct link to what you manifest. When you truly become conscious and choosy about what you feel—you have already mastered what it means to find excellence. 
  7. Thought boundaries. I use the word boundary here, because for me, to create a habit in my life often means I am creating a clear boundary. What we think + feel is a direct correlation to our quality of life. Simply, this is about being very conscious about what you think. Succesful, happy people have learned to master the art of positive thinking. They have learned to choose thoughts that improve their QOL (quality of life.)
  8. Time boundaries.  Time is the new money and in order to be successful you have to learn to say no to what doesn’t keep you in that QOL zone. Successful people manage their time differently. They have clear boundaries set around work time, free time, play time, family time, + creative time. 
  9.  Personal surroundings.  This is huge for me. I must create a habit of watching my personal surroundings or they have a tendency to get cluttered and bit messy. I also have noticed that this impacts my productivity, creativity + happiness. Clean + beautiful space = excellence. 
  10. Saying no + saying yes. Clearly, learning to say no when we need to is a critical part in creating personal excellence. Equally and perhaps more critical, is learning what to say YES to.  The trick to manifesting and elevating our vibration is twofold—We need to know what we don’t like so we can be crystal clear about what we do like and  . . .  Once we have a clear knowing of those wanted things—saying yes to the wanted is more critical then saying no to the unwanted. It’s a simple, yet profound component of manifesting.  
  11. End the day with God. This can be whatever feels best to you— a simple prayer, journaling, ending the day with a list of what you’re grateful for, thinking about something joyful, setting an intention for a restful night of sleep. 
And there you have it!
Enjoy more. Stress less. Claim your divine inheritance to joy + abundance. It’s right there waiting for you.