11 Power Choices

to supercharge your manifesting abilities & attract more of what you want. 

 (because it’s god damn ok to want what you want—without all the unnecessary guilt and fuss)

There really is no big secret to having the life you want. Everything you need to know about being healthier, wealthier & happier—is right at your fingertips.

It really is possible to create a life you love—without all the struggle and fuss. 

And yes, unwanted, painful things still happen. 

Things happen that are one giant bummer. I get it.  But how you react to those things is 100% your choice. 

It’s a choice to feel angry, happy, sad, resentful, poor, rich, healthy or unhealthy.

If you are choosing to carry and hold onto a negative vibration around money, love or your health (no matter how true, painful or real it is) you can’t attract a better state of those things until you make a conscious choice to feel better feelings and think better thoughts about those topics.

Simple? YES! Easy? Not always.

It’s not always easy, because sometimes we get stuck in an unconscious pattern with our thinking, feeling and reacting.  It’s as if we have given all our power away and forget that WE ARE THE ONES IN CHARGE OF HOW WE FEEL AND WHAT WE THINK.

We justify things as being OK, even when they are holding us back—because we fear change (or are just plain lazy or stubborn ; )

The beautiful thing is—there is always a way out.

There is a way to turn any situation into something better with the power and gift we have with our choices.

The following guide can serve as a reminder + template to learn a new way of being in the world.

A way that will elevate your energy and create a vibration in you that will improve your life.

Use this guide daily in order to create lasting change.  The point is to make it enjoyable—and not a burden or a drag of a to-do list.

The 11 Power Choices 👑

  1. Choose commitment. Commit to making an honest effort to focus on this guide every morning when you wake up. You are making a commitment to be more conscious about your choices throughout the day—especially how you choose to feel, think and react to things. Commit to completion over perfection—aim to finish. Without commitment, there can be no change.
  1. Choose a healthy morning ritual. Stat the day off right with healthy habits—yoga, walking, meditation or anything that helps get you grounded for your day. Create a healthy morning ritual and stick to it every day.
  1. Choose an intention for the day, week, month and/or year. An intention is like a goal, but only way more cool. Intentions have more of a creative and emotional connection than goals. As Danielle LaPorte says, “intentions are goals with soul.”A daily intention may be— “I’d like to feel confident today at my meeting and contribute ideas that will help further my career.”  A monthly intention could be— “I would like to start eating healthier and by the end of the month, feel better in my clothes and have more energy.”   Yearly could be— “this year, I would like to have a clear plan in place to travel to_______”(insert dream vacation location)  You can take intention setting to an even deeper level by adding detail to it such as—what you are wearing, the look and feel of the room, how you are carrying yourself, the smells, sounds and sights of your dream vacation place. The more detail you can bring into it—the better.
  1. Choose faith + knowing. This is also like saying YES! to having a miracle mindset. You let go and trust. Know with certainty that your intention is SURE TO BE.  Consider it done. Faith and certainty have a way of creating miracles like none other.
  1. Choose awareness. I know this seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many of us stroll through our day on autopilot—not really aware of how we feel, what we think and how we react. All these things add up to your primary vibration and your offering to the world. And your primary vibration is what determines what flows back your way.
  1. Choose gratitude. The more you appreciate and show gratitude for your life —the more to be grateful for will show up. It’s miraculous.
  1. Choose inspired action. Choose 1-3 action items that will get you on track to reaching your intention. And it can be different from the intention you set first thing in the morning.  If one of your larger intentions is to travel more—create 1-3 action items that you can realistically complete today that will get you closer to that desire.
  1. Choose to do something fun and playful. This is a critical ingredient to mastering the art of manifesting. Go to the playground and swing, rent a funny movie, wrestle with your dog, eat cookie dough, finger paint, have drinks with friends—whatever is fun for you.  When we play and have fun, we raise our vibration and when we raise our vibration—we attract more great things our way.
  1. Choose forgiveness (which is really choosing love—another great choice). This is easier said than done, but a key ingredient in manifesting your desires. And even if this isn’t about manifesting for you —what it is about is learning to be in charge of your feelings and thoughts, rather than having those things be in charge of you! Forgiveness is a true energy of love. It is Godly to forgive. It doesn’t mean we have to be nice to someone who has greatly hurt us, but it does mean we can let go of the pain and negativity surrounding it and release that energy for good.  We can forgive people without actually having to interact with them—that is the beauty of it.


  1. Choose to revisit your intention. Whether you are using this list of 11 power choices on a daily basis, or a one-day-at-a time basis—it’s a good idea to revisit your initial intention. Maybe you are creating daily, weekly, monthly and yearly intentions (highly recommend this. As the saying goes–fail to plan, plan to fail) so the point is—keep your intention in your conscious awareness as often as you can. Have fun with it, daydream, and visualize it as ALREADY MANIFESTED for you. Bask in the feeling that this desire you want is already in your life and carry that sense of gratitude with you throughout the day. This energy alone will keep attracting more good things your way.


  1. Choose charity. I know charity sometimes comes across as something we have to do for others who we see as having less than we do. But let’s shift this thought process a bit. Seeing anyone or anything as “less than” doesn’t help them—from an energetic standpoint. View helping others as something that just feels good and is your sincere desire to be generous and kind. It’s simply a loving gesture and requires nothing in return. It’s not something we do to inflate our egos or get praise from others—it’s simply an energetic action of giving from an unconditional place.

These 11 power choices are a great place to start, but by all means—once you get the hang of it (choosing thoughts/feelings/actions that are HIGH VIBE and energetically aligned with what you want) feel free to change it up and create your own list.

The sky truly is the limit.

Becoming aware of what you predominantly think and feel is the first step in learning how to manage your energy and vibration. And learning to be in the driver’s seat with these things—is how you become a conscious co-creator in your life.

It’s when the magic happens.



Commitment & Intention Statements:

Step 1.  

Commitment to SELF

The first Power Choice is making a commitment to doing this work. We have spent years creating the wrong habits—now it’s time to create habits and choices that nurture our soul and get us closer to where we want to be in life.

Take a few moments to write down what you are committing to right now. What are you gifting yourself with? Complementing this list daily? Signing up for a class you’ve been wanting to take? Cleaning our our closet?

I commit to myself the following


Step 2.

My Intention

Please write down your intention—daily, weekly, monthly and for the year.



p.s. remember to have fun, be playful with this and go easy on yourself! Life is meant to be enjoyed.