It’s not enough to just understand it . . .

It’s not enough to just understand it . . .

It’s not enough to just understand the concept of manifesting.


While it may be easy to understand—the hard part can be in the application of it.   It can be exciting when we first learn about manifesting, what it is and what is possible with it. 

But then we think we are doing what we are supposed to—yet the things we want, aren’t  showing up.

Sound familiar?

When I first found out about manifesting, I remember feeling this renewed sense of hope.

I mean, how hard could it be, just feel better and think better thoughts and all the sudden I would have everything I wanted!  It didn’t really turn out that way. Not for me at least.

I dont think it turns out that way for a lot of people, at least at first. Why is that?

Here are some of the biggest reasons why manifesting might not be working out for us:

  • We are attached to the outcome. I know this seems counterintuitive, but it’s a big piece of the manifesting puzzle that is often left out. Attachment is not an expansive, allowing energy. Attachment has a clingy, needy, or negative energy associated with it. You can’t manifest something into your life with an energy of attachment. Rather, choose a joyful, excited, and knowing energy regarding your desire. 
  • We are attached to the timing. We think if they feel super good and think super positive thoughts for one month, after having a primarily negative pattern of thinking and feeling—that the magic should happen anyway. Or, that it should happen right when they want it to happen. Again, that is an attached energy. Most of the times that I have worked really hard at manifesting something, it doesn’t come to me. When I let go of the attachment to the timing, it almost always shows up, in one form or another.
  • We aren’t really being honest about our true thoughts and feelings. This is such a subtle thing, but one of the biggest reasons people don’t experience results with manifesting. You have to get “saint- like” good at really understanding how you think and feel about your desires. This is where the conscious part of the manifesting puzzle comes in. In order to be good at getting what we want in life, be it material, spiritual or emotional, we have to be committed to knowing ourselves. That is the key. Know yourself, be honest about yourself, how you react, and how you really feel, down to every little belief you have. 
  • We aren’t adding action to the equation.  As disappointing as it may be, most of us aren’t going to be able to manifest things out of thin air. Now, that’s not to say you can’t, it’s just not likely, given our years of programing and our belief systems. I do believe our biggest limitations are the thoughts we choose to think. So, if you truly believe you can manifesting things out of thin air, I do believe it’s possible for you.
  • We are confused about the concept of attracting things to us based on our vibration.  Like I said before, it’s not about being fake happy, or feeling good, but with there being guilt underneath that feeling. It takes a bit of pracitce and discernment to get really good at understanding how you truly feel or think about something. We might think we are really positive about a certain topic, but underneath that is a dominant pattern of negative thought. We might have just had it for so long, that we don’t really recognize the effect it is having on our energy.
  • We don’t really think it works! If you don’t think manifesting will work, then it wont work for you. But even if you don’t really feel like it will work, what is the harm in learning to get really good about the energy you put out into the world. The least you will get, is to feel really good and make the world a better place!
  • We aren’t spending enough time really being specific enough about our desire.  It’s super important to be really specific and detailed about what you want.  How will it feel? How will it look? Get detailed. Get into the dream, then let it go. 
  • We are trying to force something to happen. It is not an authentic desire. Again, this goes back to an energy of forcing, not allowing. It is important to distinguish an authentic desire over one that might come from a place of “shoulda, woulda, coulda” energy.
  • We are not consistent enough with our energy. There are too many ups and downs rather than a consistent pattern of thoughts and feelings. Consistency is key.

Manifesting is really about  learning who we are. It’s about really taking a look at our results in life, what we are creating and then being brutally honest about it. But brutal, with love mixed in there!

If we keep creating a pattern, then it’s probably a good idea to take a look at how we might be attracting that situation into our lives. Blaming others  does not work.                                        

Is it always easy? No!  But in my honest opinion, neither is the flip side.

I would rather go through the uncomfortable and awkward experience of finding out why I might be creating something negative in my life, and then transcend and heal that, then continuing to live in the shadows.

No one said the path to becoming the best version of ourselves is always easy, but it does feel good when those life goodies show up. Understanding the concept isn’t enough, if you want real changes—we’ve got to walk our talk.

If you want success, health, prosperity and growth in this life, you need to get dialed in with your manifesting skills—and use them.

Enjoy your day, you evening, your month + your life!  

Please leave a comment and let me know how this is showing up for you in your life right now. Are you off, or on with manifesting? 


Carrie Jolie 


Manifesting, Meditation + Money

Manifesting, Meditation + Money

The three M’s . . . 

These are a few of my  favorite topics. It didn’t used to be that way though.      manifesting-meditation-money

My relationship with money has not always been so rosy I had never really felt authentically in touch with money, until I really understood and practiced the art of manifesting.

I think the topic of money is a touchy subject for most people.

We can begin to shift our relationship with money by using the power of manifesting.

Most people view money as hard to come by, hard to earn and somewhat untouchable.

There is a common viewpoint that it just takes something special to be comfortable financially. There is also the common belief that you really have to struggle and work super hard for many years to be able to have and keep  a substantial amount of money.

Why is that and how can we change that?

Our main beliefs about money, and anything for that matter are a large result of where we are raised, who raised us and our primary social beliefs about money. And whatever we believe about money, is what we will attract. A belief  is just a thought about something that we choose to believe as true. We choose to accept it as the truth.

What we choose to believe, think and feel = our reality (for the most part).

What if we were all raised to believe that money was easy to make, easy to come by and enjoyable! What if our primary beliefs about money were positive? Think there would be less poverty and more abundance?

You see, manifesting is simply the art of lining up our energy (our feelings, thoughts, beliefs + actions) to be a match to what we desire. So, if we want more money in our lives, we have to change the way we think, feel and relate to money.

If we think money is bad, and that is is morally wrong to have too much of it, then chances are,  we will never attract much of it. What we  think (primarily) and what we get, are most often, an energetic match.

Now, there are exceptions and there are situations when it appears someone has positive beliefs about money and they they have some sort of crisis about it.

For example, I studied and practiced the law of attraction and manifesting for many years. We were doing really well financially and then our world collapsed with the 2007-08 US financial downturn. I was in shock and disbelief. How could this happen? I had really positive beliefs about money.


Or did I?

When I was honest with myself, I discovered that my deep seated beliefs about prosperity, were not so positive. I had a great deal of fear about losing the money we had. And guess what, we lost it. 

I knew that if I wanted to have an honest and healthy relationship with money, I needed to choose to think and feel differently about it.

The good news is that in a matter of 12 months, we got it all back, and then some.  Along with the prosperity piece of it, came a sense of knowing and faith that prosperity would always be in our lives.  And, it just keeps getting better.

I know that money does not buy happiness, but it can ease a lot of struggles. Money is definitely not the means to happiness and it can make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable if we have a healthy relationship with it.

Here are 4 simple coaching strategies that I use to help people get started with improving their relationship with money.                          

  • Mediate about money. I am serious. I used to strongly dislike meditating (all that sitting around was so boring and unproductive), but it has been the most MASSIVE gift. Meditating quiets the brain so we can actually feel. In order to shift our relationship with money, we have to understand how we really feel about it. Our feelings are our strongest indicators of our true beliefs….always.
  • Once you have identified your primary feelings and thoughts about money—write them down. Get really conscious about these feelings and beliefs.
  • Pick the ones you really want to tackle and shift. Be realistic. Choose the ones you really believe you can change. If you think this is dumb, or unreachable, it won’t work. To change it, you have to at least believe it a little bit.
  • Now create a little mantra or meditation around those unwanted beliefs and affirm to yourself and the universe that they no longer serve you and you desire to replace them with positive, affirming money beliefs. I know this can seem a bit woo-woo, but its important to choose to let those beliefs go. It can go something like this ” I choose to let go of these beliefs that no longer serve me” or ” I no longer choose to believe that making money is hard or that having money is evil.”  Now believe that your choice to let it go is being answered. Believe it. Know it. Feel it.
  • Now create a new list of positive thoughts and feelings about money.  These will replace the ones you just let go of!  If you can’t think of anything, just create a list of a few things you can do that you enjoy, and that raise your vibration. Do these things when you are having those negative money feelings come up, just acknowledge they are there and then get in a good feeling place.  Feeling good is the key to being a manifesting ninja (plus the action part!!!)

Commit to this for at least 2 weeks. Do your best. We didn’t develop our negative beliefs overnight, so be easy on yourself, but know that it can and will  shift if you commit and believe that it will.


Remember, creating what you want in life starts with a choice. Creating the exact wealth you want, starts with a choice.


Carrie Jolie


Choose Your Art

Choose Your Art



What the heck am I talking about?                   

Choose your art, means to choose that thing (or things) that light your fire.

Art is about creativity, expression, freedom to be who we are and it’s about our truths.

Do you remember finger painting or doing something super creative as a kid. . . and how fun it was? Or maybe your art was sports, or building forts, or maybe it was reading. We all have, or have had something that is our art, our play, our free space, our creative fire. 

Our Art = Our Passions in life.

Your art is that thing you would do, no matter what. It’s that thing that makes you feel grounded, excited, and  happy.

It just feels like you.

What if our “work” was our art? What if our life was our art?

What if we viewed our time here as our canvas and that what it all came down to was what we decided, or CHOSE to put on that canvas. 

This is just another way of saying—you are the creator of your life. You are the artist. 

Our art, our freedom, our happiness, our success, our health, wealth and whatever it is that we choose to manifest in our lives comes down to, primarily, the choices we make.

Your choices = your life. Your choices are intricately connected to what you consciously get (or manifest) in life.

To be a successful student of the art of manifesting, you need to be a successful student of the art of making conscious choices.

If you choose your art, or that which turns you on and connects you to your most true self, then you are on the path to being a ninja manifestor and master of your choices.

The truth is—it isn’t a lack of information available to us. We are all “choiced out.”  In other words, we really do have too may choices. Learning to choose the ones that feel like your art, feel expansive, freeing and enjoyable, is the key to prosperity, health, love and true joy.


Choose your art to choose your desired quality of life.             

Your life is truly YOUR canvas.

Enjoy creating your masterpiece!!!                                   



Please share your comments below! Let me know what YOUR art is! What is that things that just makes you feel super alive? I want to know!



Manifesting . . . what it is, what it isn’t.

I love manifesting.

I am a manifesting practitioner, believer, teacher + student.

What is manifesting, anyway? 

It depends on who you ask. There are a lot of different definitions and perceptions about manifesting. 

But in general, the idea of manifesting is about lining up our energy so that we are a vibrational match to what we want.

It is an allowing of the things we want in our life by having our primary thoughts and feelings about those wanted things, consist of mainly good feelings, positive feelings, hopes and expectations. 

The thing that prevents us from getting what we want are our beliefs, our feelings and our thoughts. I know this triggers a lot of people and there are subtleties and nuances that go beyond this post, but this is the basic foundation of the concept.

You get what you think about. You get what you primarily feel.

It is universal law.

We want to be healthy—we think healthy thoughts. We want a new iPhone 5—we imagine how awesome that would feel. We want to manifest wealth—we live as if it already existed for us. We want six pack abs—we want to manifest health—we see it.  We want lower taxes—we believe it (this is one I am working on!) We want to manifest love + success. We envision it.

If it is too challenging to feel those things based on deeply ingrained beliefs, patterns and habits, then we just get practiced on always trying to find a little better feeling about it. In other words, you might not go from a poverty mindset to knowing, believing  and living as if you will have a billion dollars tomorrow. Is it possible? Yes!

It’s possible to grow a third arm, but not for most( and why would you want one? I mean, where would you put it? Not a good visual….)

The idea is that if you have an underlying belief that you will never have money, you probably will never have much money. Or, if you do, you will somehow sabotage it with underlying negative beliefs.

You want to start with baby steps, so you don’t jump straight to frustration with the art of manifesting. I say “art” because it is.

It is creative in that it does require a dash of dreaming, artsy-farsty-ness, creative spirit and a dash of inspired action and get-it-done-ness.

Manifesting is not about wishing for a pot of gold and then **POOF**—having it appear out of nowhere. Could it happen? Yes! Is it likely based on the “realities” we have been taught since we were little kids? NO. There are reasons that we don’t get instant manifestation and there are reasons we don’t get things that we think we want, that we think we are energetically lined up with.

This is the next level of manifesting—where you take if from Manifesting 101 to Manifesting Mastery. 

Stay tuned.

Manifesting is about allowing the truth of who you are (that “conscious authentic self”) to shine, to lead, to know and to allow all the sweet goodies that are divinely yours.

And to be a happy, happy human.


Carrie Jolie Dale

p.s. get the skinny on manifesting using the power of choice in my bestselling book, The 2 Choices


Is it Enough to Just be Authentic?

Is it Enough to Just be Authentic?

One of the biggest buzz words flying around in the online world, coaching world, and personal success world is the


concept of being authentic. 

The gist is that if we are just our 100% authentic selves, then that will somehow skyrocket our lives and businesses.

Umm  . . how do I say this without sounding like a big “B”?  I would venture to guess that in a majority of cases, it is actually the persons authentic, real self that is getting in the way of having an amazing life and business. There, I said it.  

Being authentic and real might not be the best thing in some cases and could in fact be having a negative impact in our lives.

We could be authentically, mean. Authentically depressed. Authentically narcissistic. Authentically wounded. Just because it is real, doesn’t mean it is good, right or the best thing for you.

Sometimes you have to change, grow and evolve, so that your authentic self is the one that works for you, not against you.

My authentic self, at one point was not so amazing. My authentic self was insecure, negative, guilt ridden and just not very happy . . . to say the least.

I was a person that studied self -help and spiritual concepts to the point of overload and still was not getting what I was looking for.

That was the real, authentic me.

So how is that of value to myself or anyone? I know that people might argue that the real meaning of our authentic selves is that part of us that is connected to Source, Godwhatever word works for you. But I think it is actually just inferred, more often than explained.

Being authentic in the best sense means working on your shit. There, I said it. 

Being authentic means you operate from a place of awareness and consciousness, not old wounds, negative beliefs, or patterns.

If I kept hoping that my authentic self was going to make everything better, I might not be alive to be writing this post. My authentic, real self needed a massive makeover and couldn’t help others until she helped herself.

Being authentic isn’t enough. Because sometimes our authentic self is wounded, hurt, caught up in negative patterns or habits.

Yes, let’s be real. Yes, let’s be authentic. But lets be these things from a space of awareness, consciousness, growth and expansion.

Let’s not use this word and the concept as an excuse to stay stuck.

If we aren’t living the life we truly want and aren’t experiencing the success in life that we desire, then we are not operating with a healthy, well-adjusted authentic self.  

That God- like part of us wouldn’t choose that for ourselves. It would choose abundance, healing, joy, connection, confidence and clarity. 

There is no way we can help others, or make a positive impact in the world, if we havent first worked through our “stuff.”  

Choose to work on you first. Choose to be consciously authentic.


 As Abe-Hicks says “Life is supposed to be fun.”


Carrie Jolie Dale