• Are tired of settling for mundane and mediocre. You are ready to master your energy and become a manifesting machine. 🔥
  • Are ready to reboot your life and get on track to changing your vibe FOR GOOD.
  • Want to learn the ins and outs of manifesting from someone who has years of proven, consistent results.
  • Don’t really care about flashy and flamboyant. You want the damn information that matters and gets results.

You are ready, committed and excited for this new chapter of your life. So let’s go beautiful. Let’s do this! 



Carrie Dale’s 21 Day Manifesting Challenge woke me up to what I really desired. When the time came to put my wants on paper (the “Asking” part of the Ask, Align and Allow process), I had to dig deeply to discover what I really wanted and what was most important for my future. It took me 2 1/2 hours to finish my Asking, and part of the time I wanted to run away from it. But I stuck with it and kept focusing to achieve clarity and an energetic match to my emotions.

Every day of this course was a revelation, but the Asking exercise has been a watershed for me. It has transformed my personal and professional objectives and added more joy to what I want in life. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to experience more love, success and everyday miracles. 

Rose Sneeringer—The Book Nurturer

Where do I begin?  Carrie, thank you sincerely for this amazing 21 Days of Manifesting!
I have obtained so much clarity, so much growth and I now know that there is absolutely no room or space for “Mediocrity or Settling for less in my Spiritual, Physical or Mental Portfolio after today.”
I am truly amazed!
Tiveen Perry

Your writing today about intention is terrific, clear and ready to go–just what I need to hear and work with right now. My intention isn’t about money or fame or success but the ability to walk with comfort, balance, and stability following a car accident. And the freedom that will come from that.  Thank you so much.

I also particularly enjoyed your Day 13.5. It had already seemed to me that day as if there were a kind of energetic hiccup in the world and I was wondering what to do about it. Your response was perfect!

Sabra Petersmann