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High vibration, good energy, law of attraction . . . these are common things you may hear about in the world of personal  images-11improvement + spiritual development.

But just what exactly are these things and why do they matter? How can they help you attract abundance, be happier and find love?

In a nutshell . . .

Nobel prize winning physicists  have proven beyond doubt that the physical world we see (our bodies, a tree, a slice of pizza, a bird) are all energy forms that come in and out of our awareness in milliseconds—over and over again.

We live in a  giant sea of energy.

They have also proven that our thoughts are what give these objects we “see” meaning. In other words, thoughts are things. Thoughts create what we see—our reality.

Now, this is a very rudimentary explanation of the process….and one can certainly go further down the rabbit hole, but the point is—YOU create and shape your reality by what you choose to think  and also what you choose to feel.

These thoughts and feelings are your vibration.

Consider yourself like one giant magnet, attracting to you similar vibrations and energies that you are giving off.   This is the basic premise of law of attraction—you attract what you give off.

Ever notice how the most joyful, carefree people seem to have joy filled, carefree lives? And those who complain and focus on the negative tend to attract things to complain and be negative about?

Some people like to call it high vibration or good energy. For me, I like to call it aligned energy—this is where my energy is aligned with what I love, what makes me feel good and what keeps me attracting things I want in my life.  Because the truth is, whether you call it high, good or aligned energy—it’s all about you finding out what it means for you. You may feel your energy is more aligned when you walk in nature, whereas for the next person, it may be playing their guitar or taking a nap.

It’s simple, and complex at the same time, because most people aren’t truly aware of just exactly what sort of vibration they are 544bd1db18cecdca3b92642eputting out into the world, on a consistent basis.

You see, with energy and vibration, it’s  about consistency.

Most of us don’t really take time to think about it in our busy lives.  We just get on the hamster wheel of life and go throughout our days, week, and years, unaware of the fact that we may have underlying feelings about money that are really holding us back from attracting the prosperity  that we desire.  And its the same with any topic—be it health, happiness or love.

So the main key to creating a higher vibration— is to become aware of it.

Here are 4 key strategies to increasing your awareness about your energy/vibration

  1. Keep a journal. Take time ( 5-10 minutes is fine) to sit down and write.  You don’t have to have a specific topic in mind, just write.  Get in the habit of putting what’s in your head + heart down on paper.  This is one way to start to realize what you are thinking and feeling.  It’s one way to get more in touch with what things are really on your mind.  You may have a tendency to burry things and hide from uncomfortable feelings, so writing and journaling about them is a great way to get it out. Journaling has changed my life and helped my to become much more aware of what I am truly feeling and therefore putting out into the sea of energy we call life.
  2. Breathe.  Most of us go throughout the day shallow breathing. Learning to be more conscious about your breath and taking longer, deeper breaths throughout the day, is a quick fix to getting in touch with your energy and also instantly raising it.
  3. Alone time.  Make a habit (daily if you can) of taking time to meditate, or get out in nature, go fishing, do some yoga, . . . whatever it takes for you to unplug from the noisy world and just be in the stillness.  This is critical for you to become—not only aware of your energy—but to learn to shift it into a more balance, aligned energy.
  4. Be honest about your life. Do you have what you want? Are you happy?  The biggest clue as to the true energy you are putting out in the world–is to take a look at your life from a very real, honest place. Are you where you want to be? If not, change your energy, to change your results.  If we continually  have chaos..thats a pretty good indication our energy is not aligned.  If you continually experience happiness, you are on track. Keep it up!

Why do you need a high vibration or aligned energy?

You need this if  you want to learn to be an active co-creator in your life, rather than feeling life just happens to you.

If you really have a true desire to find true inner happiness, love and prosperity in your life—understanding the basics of vibration + energy is a good place to start.

Plus, learning to master what you think and how you feel—just feels better!

And, like my favorite spiritual teachers say—Life is supposed to feel good.

As always . .