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Brevity . . . my FAVORITE.

If you’re reading “me” for the first time, I write about spiritual stuff, the power of choice + living lives that seriously curl your toes, put a zip in your step and make you tingle all over. 

Great, big, tingles. 

But what about when shit goes down that doesn’t feel so tingly? When things aren’t lining up for you? When the sparkle has left the romance, the deals aren’t going through, the happiness isn’t happening and those pounds aren’t staying off?

What about when you feel let down as **** and you cant seem to dig your way out of that hole?

Try these 6 things (but actually DO THEM, don’t just read them) Action Jackson. 

  1. Get a pen or pencil. Get some paper. YELL AND SCREAM on paper (if this feels cathartic, of course). Write down what’s got your panties in a bunch. Write it down. Scribble it if need be. Just get it out, down on paper. Say whatever you want. Anything goes here. 
  2. Discard it. Find a way to safely purge what you just wrote down. Burn it (only if you can do it safely) shred it, dispose of it safely. And if there is no way to safely dispose of it and you don’t feel comfortable writing these things down, at least find a way to release those feelings in a safe way. Maybe go out in nature, where you can be alone and just say it to the universe. Get it out. Purge it, then discard it. 
  3. Get grounded. Epsom salt baths, nature walks, funny movies, comfort food (unless this triggers body issues) hugs, snuggles, hanging with people/pets you love. 
  4. Smile. Force it a bit. I know, I know, who likes to force things? No one. But in this case, when you are feeling let down as all ****  you gotta just practice smiling more It’s amazing what happens energetically when you just make an effort to smile more. People smile back and the world just becomes brighter. 
  5. Remember happy. Take a few minutes every hour on the hour (or just as much as you can) to remember a time when you felt happy, or at least pretty gosh darn good. Sink into those memories as if they were right here, right now. Access those happy feelings. Access + feel them. 
  6. Choose happy. Choose love. Choose healthy. Choose abundant. Even though life can throw some humdingers our way—it doesn’t mean we don’t get to choose what it looks like. You may have horrible days, weeks, months and years, but what you do have, that is the most massive gift + power—is the ability to CHOOOSE how you feel and what you think. When you realize and embrace this, you get to choose whatever it is you want in life.  It’s one thing to remember what it feels like to be happy, but an entire new level of commitment when you DAILY choose it (or health, wealth, love, joy, spiritual connection, miracles).

The gift and power we have in what we choose to think and feel is the biggie here. It doesn’t matter what’s happened to you—what  cant EVER be taken away is your choice to FEEL and THINK how and what you want to think and feel. If you can get to this point—as the saying goes—the world is your oyster.

How you feel is an energy. What you think is an energy. When you learn to use this in a conscious, constructive way—you also learn how to be a co-creator in your life.  Instead of feeling like its all happening TO you, it switches on a dime to a real sense of being able to create and manifest what you desire in your life.

And that, my most beautiful and dear soul-sister + brother is worthy of full body tingles.

It’s the super feel good stuff, when you start playing life on this level. It’s fun. It’s connecting. It’s pure light and love. 



p.s.  And buy my book if you’d like!  It’s a glimpse about how to turn any mess into a miracle—just like I did. Get it here.