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8 Strategies to Manifest Prosperity (and more)

Manifest more wealth, health and love in your life with these 8 strategies.

  1. Get honest and clear about your financial situation right now. There is a tendency to hide from the truth about our financial situation. Sit down. Grab a pen and paper. Look at your finances from an honest, open + authentic perspective. Awareness is the key to shifting anything. Choose to just be real about it.

  2. Become aware of how you really feel about money. What is your money story? What is your dominant vibration (feelings/thoughts) about money, earning money, keeping money and what having money means to you? Be specific. Choose awareness. Get really real about how you REALLY feel about money and your ability to attract it into your life.

  3. Create your limiting beliefs list (your burn list). If you have mostly negative feelings and beliefs about your abundance, then I want you to grab a pen and paper. Write down your negative, limiting beliefs about money. Common limiting beliefs may include: It’s too hard to make money. I make it and lose it. I’m not smart enough.  I don’t have enough time.  There isn’t enough to go around. It’s wrong and selfish to want money.

  4. Choose to really go there. Be clear. Now (safely) burn this list. There is something transformational about the act of burning our negative thoughts/feelings + beliefs. If this seems to “woo-woo” for you, then create the list and tear it up, throw it away, or make a conscious choice to release these limiting beliefs. However, I invite you to choose the woo-woo method!

  5. Create your new “powerful choices” list. This list replaces what you just burned. These are your new choices in how to think, what to feel and how to act.  It replaces those negative feelings or thoughts with positive, productive, higher vibration beliefs. You need to get in the habit of training your brain and emotions to head in a different direction when the topic of money comes up. Choose to make it matter. Choose those things that will really keep you grounded and positive when those pesky negative thoughts want to rear their ugly heads.

  6. Write your list. Use your list. Keep your list.  Post it where you can see it, or have access to it daily. Print it, use it, repeat it, and tattoo it on your arm if that’s what it takes! Choose to commit to changing your feelings and thoughts around money. If it feels too big and overwhelming to attack all your limiting beliefs, just choose one at a time. Make it a manageable process, not one that you will feel frustrated by and then quit. Choose to persevere this time. Choose to allow your abundance.

  7. Use “The 2 Choices” mantra (see below)to get out of a funk.  I created this mantra and use it in both my own life and in my coaching business. Its a quick fix to get out of a funk with our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. Use this mantra any time you start to feel negative emotion.

  8. Be easy on yourself.  Learning new patterns of thoughts + beliefs won’t happen overnight. You didn’t learn the bad ones overnight, so be easy on yourself. By mastering your thoughts and feelings, you can head in the direction of being a more active creator in your life. By learning to master your choices (in how you think, what you feel and what you believe) you WILL master your life.

valentine heart shape made by dollars isolated The 2 Choices Mantra:

“Right now, I have two choices. One will get me more in alignment with things I desire and the other will move me away from it. This ability to choose is a gift and my source of passion, connection, and conscious power. I appreciate and honor this gift.”— Carrie Jolie Dale

This mantra is what I used to turn my life from a mess, to miraculous. It works if you work it. Print it out, cut it out, paste in on your desktop, put it on your altar, your fridge . . .  or just memorize it!  You have 2 choices, to feel good, or not. To be on your path, or not. Every moment you have a choice in how you feel, what you think and how you react. This is your conscious power. This is how you become co-creator in your life!

Discover more about making the choices that matter in my bestselling book, The 2 Choices. It’s not a big secret, it’s not hard and it’s not some unattainable thing. 

Whatever you desire in life . . . comes down to a choice. 


Carrie Jolie | ©2014