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5480a5c38841c9cb610e5ea8For my readers who don’t know, I just made a massive move from Oregon to South Carolina.

And for those of you who also may not know—it was a monumental deal.

Phew………like a serious massive deal. Yowza.

I am not at all afraid of change. In fact, I would say I am one of those people who require change in my life, or I get bored (and then I get feisty). 

But this move wasn’t just a geographical move. It was a spiritual, next phase, evolution, growth and big leap move.

It was a move that stretched me to ask the bigger questions, to get more in tune and connected with my desires and to really get clear about why I am here and what I am doing. 

​You see, you don’t get to where you want to go (at times) without a bit of stretching—without a bit of fear, discomfort and YOWZA. 

I am not saying it is required to feel crappy in order to feel good or to reach a new goal or intention in life, but there are times that the contrast we feel when we are going through big changes, won’t feel so amazing. 

In fact, it may be a stretch to keep going

But in hindsight, all the things that came my way, were things I asked for!

I asked for a change, I asked for my next growth phase. I asked and then I received and then . . . . I kicked and screamed a little bit. It wasn’t until I surrendered and just moved forward in faith, that the miracles started showing up. 

​What I know and what was confirmed to me in facing this challenge, was that we are all so awesome.  And that we all have everything we need to face any challenge that comes our way. 

We are gifted life. We are given opportunities to see the truth or we can choose to give into illusions. 

The illusion is that you are weak, you aren’t good enough and you can’t do it. 

The illusion is that you don’t have 100%, full on 24/7 support. 

That is the illusion. 

The truth is that you can do it. 

The truth is that you DO KNOW (so stop telling yourself you don’t).

The truth is that you are loved. The truth is that you can live your desires from a most magical and miraculous place (I am living proof).

The only thing that limits you, is a choice you make to believe your limitations + illusions. 

You are awesome. You are light. You are love. 

You are a little bit superwoman.

That is the truth.