Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour! A very looooong overdue hello to y’all.
I gasped a little bit when I looked at when I sent my last email . . . December 2018! Yikes. And then it got me thinking a little.
This is good. 
This is what I wanted. This is how I intended it to be. This is on point.
I ended last year wanting to listen to my SOUL on a whole new level.
Can you relate to wanting to listen to and follow your SOUL more often? 
I wanted to start with a clean slate and truly listen to what my inner voice was telling me. And it was telling me things I resisted.
  • It was telling me to spend more time offline.
  • It was telling me to spend less time on social media.
  • It was telling me I didn’t need to try so hard. And that things would come more quickly and easily if I chilled out a bit.
  • It was telling me to let go, forget schedules, and let it be easier.
When I got quiet, I realized that what I really wanted was to BE more and DO less. 
I wanted to feel what it felt like for things to come with less effort and more FAITH.
For flow and manifesting to happen more quickly and from a more natural state.
So I let go of schedules. I let go of to do lists.
I let go in a WAY bigger way. And what I got back was exactly what I wanted—my next level.
I won’t share all the details here, but suffice to say there were big surprises. There were things I doubted. There were things that were staring me in the face that I was wrestling with big time.  And there were also massive gifts—more travel, more $$$, more happiness, and a deeper sense of connection.
But changing who we are isn’t always easy is it?
Changing patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing can be awkward, and just . . .  different. 
Of course, it’s different. It’s different because it’s different. It feels odd because it is! It feels challenging because we are fighting with our ego, our habits, and our patterns that want to keep us safe in our little safe, comfort zones. 
Not that we can’t be comfortable AND be aligned with our SOUL, but sometimes there will be growing pains. But is the pain we feel from NOT listening to our soul greater than the growing pains we feel from saying YES to our soul?
This is the question.
This is what you may want to ask yourself when you feel scared, bored, frustrated, nervous, or disconnected.
Is this feeling coming from a place of NOT listening to your truth or is it the brief, passing discomfort we feel when we are facing the ego, that comfort zone and those habits that keep us stuck?
Ask yourself if you are choosing to head in the direction of your truth, your soul, your passion, your light, or are you headed in the opposite direction of those things? 
And when you have your answer, you have your compass for becoming that incredible human BEING that you are.