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Just because someone knows how to say “namaste,” meditates and reads spiritual books—doesn’t mean we give them their ghandi badge and that they somehow radiate white light out of their crown chakra and never have a bad day again.

spiritmerkabahBeing spiritual doesn’t mean you don’t have shitty days, swear, digress and experience contrast or negative things in your life.  It doesn’t mean you don’t eat some junk food every now and then or maybe react in a less than stellar way to a challenging situation.

And actually, I feel the more committed you are to your growth and awareness, the more you will  be “gifted” opportunities to see just how good you are at it.

In other words, when you ask, it is given.  And there will be times when what is given to you are massive opportunities to grow into your next best self . . . and that isn’t always easy.

You will be asked to be patient, forgiving, to move out of your comfort zone, to react in different ways, to release old patterns of thought, to be more aware of your feelings and to consciously guide them, rather than having them run you.

And being on a spiritual path means being committed to growth, evolution and getting back on track, faster and with less struggle than the time before. It means getting back in the saddle a bit quicker and less effortlessly than the time before.

How I see it is that when I grow and reach a new “level” of mastery or growth in my life, and then I digress or do something out of alignment with my truth—it hurts a little more.

For example, I really want to be a person who, in each moment, strives to see the best in situations. I desire, quite simply, to be “in the loving” as one of my spiritual mentors says.  Does that mean I always nail it? Oh no, not always.  I swear, think bad thoughts, have judgments about people or situations and react in ways I am not always proud of.

But what I have noticed is that it almost physically hurts me when I do. It hurts to be unkind, judgmental, out of alignment with my truth and not in the loving.

It hurts now, whereas before, I didn’t notice it quite this intensely.

Why? Why would it hurt to be out of alignment, to not speak our truths or follow our path in life? Why does it feel so off when we get off track?

It hurts because when we ask to grow, to evolve and to the best version of ourselves–and then we step out of that and slide backwards—we get a gentle (or maybe not so gentle) reminder that we are off track.

Quite simply, if you truly strive to be on a path which leads you to your best life, your best self and a deep connection to God, Source, consciousness—whatever you choose to call it—it won’t feel good when you aren’t those things. It won’t feel good when you get off track.

It won’t feel good to go back to old ways of feeling, thinking and behaving.  Once you start to get a more clear picture of who you are and what you want—it won’t feel good to hide, digress and disallow the miracles to flow in your life.

We are all pure light and love, but we forget it.

Being on a spiritual path is really remembering the truth of who we are.  And so our feelings are a great indicator of how on or off track we are in life.

It’s not about beating ourselves up when we yell at the driver in front of us for not using their turn signal. It’s not about feeling intense guilt about reacting to someone in a toxic way.

It’s about listening to that feeling that comes up when we do get off track and choosing to do it differently next time.

That is growth. That is evolution. That is being spiritual.