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I SAY BOTH!!!   For those of you who don’t know what my subject title it all about—those are both brands of SHOES.

I am sure most of you know about Birkenstocks—the earthy, hippy sandal that has made quite the  comeback (actually, they have probably never went away).

And for you luxury lovers—Louboutins are a stand out brand in the luxury line.

These two different brands of shoes couldn’t be more different.

One, is the optime of the earthy, hippy sort of scene and the other is a brand is the creme de la creme in the luxury world. One speaks of comfort, practicalilty, and down-to-earthness. And the other is a brand of sexy, sassy and luxury ( and not so comfy).

Why am I writing about shoes?

Well, I happen to own both brands and I love them equally.  And I felt a little weird about that for a while. Like I needed to choose one “camp” to be in.

I either needed to be an earthy, nature loving, granola eating, tree huggin’, Birkenstock wearer.

Or, I needed to embrace the luxurious, sensual, grown and worldly Louboutin clan.

I felt like I needed to make up my mind about who I was and get on with it.

And then I stopped and realized how utterly silly I was being. Who cares!  Who cares if we don’t fit into a box? Who cares if we fit into several boxes?

Who cares if we choose to fit into no box and just be free.

This isn’t really just a post about shoes. It’s a post about the truth of who we are.  Our most authentic, real, naked, unabashed selves. celebritybirkenstocktrend

The ones who don’t care about labels, boxes, and fitting in here or there.  The ones who don’t get caught up in worrying about being a tree hugging’, earth loving, animal loving, luxury loving human.

Just because we love and stand for one thing, doesn’t mean we have to turn our backs on other things, that we enjoy.

I see this often in the self help/spiritual world. People feel that it is somehow not spiritual and materialistic to have nice things, to desire nice clothes, travel and the finer things in life.

And I say, to each their own, but that is not a box I choose to put myself in any longer.

I think you can have the awareness and consciousness to be a high vibration person in the world, work for change and consciousness and ALSO enjoy nice things in life.

After all, we do live in a material plane. We aren’t air. We are matter. We are material our selves, so why wouldn’t we enjoy (not covet, or hoard) the material things in life?

For me, living this life of honoring my earthy, spiritual self and also enjoying the material pleasure and beauty of life, I call being a Barefoot Belle.

Barefoot……being the part that is obviously barefoot, but for me this signifies connection to earth + nature, free, unabashed, pure and spiritual.

Belle…..being the french word for “beautiful” and to me, signifies culture, beauty, luxury, savior-faire and our earthly delights.

Being a Barefoot Belle is actually about being grounded and rooted in who we are (our natural selves ) and also honoring what we love. That can be nice shoes, nice meals, nice cars, travel, spa days, organic food, charity work, nature . . . whatever it is for you.

And we can love nice things, material things and still be consciousness and aware. It doesn’t mean we are fake, superficial or somehow less spiritual to enjoy the finer things in life.

Not all all.

What we think, feel and do are all choices. They are choices that influence our vibration and our vibration is what determines what comes to us in life.

In fact, it means that we are just enjoying more, which is spiritual and which is aware.

So , maybe you are a vegan who happens to really like leather shoes, maybe you are a big environmentalist who also loves to travel. Maybe you are earthy and stylish.

I don’t think we need to be so hard on ourselves. I think we can let go of the labels, the boxes and our need to compartmentalize our lives and our selves.

It’s ok to just really choose who we are—guilt free.