The 7 day countdown . . .

Holy smokes people, The 2 Choices will be available next week. Yippee!  Yahoo! Woohoo!  Heck yah!  About time!         Dale_TwoChoices_prf5a_blue

The process of writing this book was a step into more of the truth of who I am—not just me, Carrie Jolie Dale, but ME— the soul who came here to experience the fullness, the beauty and the true splendor of life.

The ME who came here to grow, to live, to surrender, to push through doubt and fear, to feel what it feels like to stretch beyond what I think I can do and go to places I never thought I could.

Will my book change history? Mmmmm,  maybe not.  But that would be super cool!

But what it will do is place another little ray o’sunshine in the world because another little soul here answered the call of her soul (that would be me).

I followed my truth, believed and I surrendered.

I believed, even when I wanted to quit, to throw in the towel and give up.  Because, the truth is, it wasn’t easy. It was hard. There were days I wanted to sit under a tree and watch bugs rather than sit, write and figure out marketing, font styles, cover designs and networking.

And what I want you to know, and what I want to impress on you very, very strongly, is that it feels SO GOOD to be (almost) on the other side of this journey.

I want to simply be a reminder, a gentle nudge, a pleasant suggestion or a strong, firm voice in your head—that you can do it.

You can write your book, paint you masterpiece, forgive that person, lose that weight, eat that cake (a little dorky rhyme there) and you can be you, simply YOU….and that’s all that is required to live an outstanding life.

Is it always easy to be truly who we are? No. Will people be angry at you for stepping into your truth? Maybe.

But when we are beacons of light for our truths, it feels better.  Plus, when we allow our brilliance to shine, it reminds others that they can too!

Be you. Choose you. Choose that thing that lights you up. Choose to do that thing, say that thing, go to that place. Choose to let go of what doesn’t feed and nurture your soul and walk gently and so knowingly into the YOU that you are here to be.

Choose you.



p.s  Oh, the book launch. You can buy the book next Thursday! I will send more details as the day approaches, but what would be so cool and uber appreciated is if you could spread the word, the gospel, share the love and let everyone you know that you think may like this book, to buy the book on July 31st!

Being spiritual doesn’t mean you don’t get road rage, eat a donut or swear a little . . .

Being spiritual doesn’t mean you don’t get road rage, eat a donut or swear a little . . .

Just because someone knows how to say “namaste,” meditates and reads spiritual books—doesn’t mean we give them their ghandi badge and that they somehow radiate white light out of their crown chakra and never have a bad day again.

spiritmerkabahBeing spiritual doesn’t mean you don’t have shitty days, swear, digress and experience contrast or negative things in your life.  It doesn’t mean you don’t eat some junk food every now and then or maybe react in a less than stellar way to a challenging situation.

And actually, I feel the more committed you are to your growth and awareness, the more you will  be “gifted” opportunities to see just how good you are at it.

In other words, when you ask, it is given.  And there will be times when what is given to you are massive opportunities to grow into your next best self . . . and that isn’t always easy.

You will be asked to be patient, forgiving, to move out of your comfort zone, to react in different ways, to release old patterns of thought, to be more aware of your feelings and to consciously guide them, rather than having them run you.

And being on a spiritual path means being committed to growth, evolution and getting back on track, faster and with less struggle than the time before. It means getting back in the saddle a bit quicker and less effortlessly than the time before.

How I see it is that when I grow and reach a new “level” of mastery or growth in my life, and then I digress or do something out of alignment with my truth—it hurts a little more.

For example, I really want to be a person who, in each moment, strives to see the best in situations. I desire, quite simply, to be “in the loving” as one of my spiritual mentors says.  Does that mean I always nail it? Oh no, not always.  I swear, think bad thoughts, have judgments about people or situations and react in ways I am not always proud of.

But what I have noticed is that it almost physically hurts me when I do. It hurts to be unkind, judgmental, out of alignment with my truth and not in the loving.

It hurts now, whereas before, I didn’t notice it quite this intensely.

Why? Why would it hurt to be out of alignment, to not speak our truths or follow our path in life? Why does it feel so off when we get off track?

It hurts because when we ask to grow, to evolve and to the best version of ourselves–and then we step out of that and slide backwards—we get a gentle (or maybe not so gentle) reminder that we are off track.

Quite simply, if you truly strive to be on a path which leads you to your best life, your best self and a deep connection to God, Source, consciousness—whatever you choose to call it—it won’t feel good when you aren’t those things. It won’t feel good when you get off track.

It won’t feel good to go back to old ways of feeling, thinking and behaving.  Once you start to get a more clear picture of who you are and what you want—it won’t feel good to hide, digress and disallow the miracles to flow in your life.

We are all pure light and love, but we forget it.

Being on a spiritual path is really remembering the truth of who we are.  And so our feelings are a great indicator of how on or off track we are in life.

It’s not about beating ourselves up when we yell at the driver in front of us for not using their turn signal. It’s not about feeling intense guilt about reacting to someone in a toxic way.

It’s about listening to that feeling that comes up when we do get off track and choosing to do it differently next time.

That is growth. That is evolution. That is being spiritual.




Your thoughts are the problem . . . and the solution

Your thoughts are the problem . . . and the solution

I just finished reading the most amazing blog post by Danielle LaPorte. She swears, she philosophizes, she speaks her truth from a deep and real place.  quote90_large

Just like I have always wanted to do, but at times felt like . . .

  • I couldn’t
  • I shouldn’t
  • People will think I’m a bitch
  • They will see that I am flawed
  • They will judge me
  • They won’t opt in or I will lose subscribers
  • It will sound too much like bitching and not enough like “spiritual speak”
  • An evolved, spiritual person wouldn’t swear!!
  • Evolved, spiritual people have self control and manners

And blah, blah, blah

You know, some of those things are just downright true, real and valid—and others are just silliness.

Still, our thoughts about ANYTHING (health, wealth, love) impact, guide, direct, shape and mold our reality. Our thoughts really are things and they do have the ability to direct the flow and fabric of our lives. So maybe there is “truth” in a thought, but just because it’s true for you, doesn’t mean it’s true for others.  And just because it’s true for you, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you either.

For example, we can believe it is very true that it’s not right to speak our truth if it could hurt someone else. But really, this is a stodgy old belief. I mean, yes, if your truth is just downright mean, then yah, edit it or tone it down. But if you truth is that it doesn’t feel good when someone gossips all the time or complains about their problems 24/7, then the best thing for you (and them) would be to create a healthy boundary around it and let them know you’re not ok with it anymore.

But sometimes, our thoughts about a situation like that may get in our way because we don’t want to hurt them . . . don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or awkward . . . don’t want to rock the boat . . . don’t want to come across as mean . . . don’t want them to not like us . . . and on and on.

The deal-e-o is—truth is a subjective. Right is subjective. And obviously—thoughts and beliefs are subjective.

If we really want to attack any issue in our lives, it’s critical that we address it first, on the thought level.

Our thoughts have an energy and vibration to them that impacts and influences our outcomes.

So . . . to change the thing, change the thought. And to take it even further—to change the thing, change the feeling.

For the double whammy—change both!

If you really want to get super ninja about feeling alright, feeling badass and just feeling really damn good—then learn to be a master of your thoughts and feelings.

To be the maven or master of your feelings—meditate, pray, forgive, walk in nature, play with your dog, your kids, laugh, smile, eat what you want, exercise, juice fast on occasion, practice feeling good religiously, tap into what it is you are feeling and thinking—get connected to it.

Be aware of how you feel and what you are thinking. Then do it again. And again.

Learn to be an observer of your thoughts. Are they high vibe? Low vibe? Are they mostly negative, judgmental, contradictory to what you want? How does it make you feel to think what you think?

If we are choosy about what we eat, who we hang out with, how we dress, what we read, how we take care of our bodies, then why wouldn’t we be choosy about what we think?

When you choose your thoughts from a place of awareness and consciousness, you pave the way for choosing your life.

It’s not about being perfect or fitting into some preconceived ideal of what it means to be spiritual or evolved . . . but it is about committing to being aware of how you are choosing to feel and what you are choosing to think.

It is about being you, loving you and doing what feels right to you.

It’s NOT about spending your life trying to make everyone else happy, or being overly concerned about what they think about you.

Trust me . . . you won’t succeed at pleasing everyone, so you might as well start with pleasing you.

Choose thoughts that line up with the love you desire, the radiant health you want and the success and abundance you deserve.

Think it and feel it first, then just surrender and allow.

xoo (that’s one kiss and two hugs)


Are you hiding from your true power?

This will be short and sweet today.  I write about things that I am personally experiencing in my life—or that are of particular interest to me.Personal-Power-reach

And it’s confession time—sometimes I hide from my true power. In fact, most of us do. Most of us don’t even know what our true power is, how to find it…. or if we even want it.

How do you know if you are hiding from your true power?

  • You feel empty
  • You feel restless
  • You feel like someting is missing
  • You feel disconnected
  • You are reactive and argumentative
  • You have low energy
  • You often feel “tested” by life
  • The same patterns and issues keep resurfacing
  • You have moments of clarity and lucidity, but you brush them off and don’t pay attention to the signs and signals the universe is giving you
  • You just know. You can feel that you are meant to step into your next “level” but don’t know how, why and have some fear about changing.

And then what? What do we do when we know we are hiding from our true power? How do we discover it? Turn it on?

We turn it on by . . . .

  • Being aware that we are disconnected from it in the first place
  • Ditching excuses and being accountable
  • Asking your higher power, God, source energy (whatever your version of  it is) for help in connecting with your true power
  • Tuning into and strengthening your intuition (meditation, nature, exercising…whatever raises your vibration)
  • Engaging in things that make you feel good (raising your vibration)
  • Going beyond our comfort zone and being willing to be uncomfortable at times (spiritual growth, being the best you can be, being happy and evolving aren’t always about fairy kisses, unicorns and rainbows….in other words—sometimes it’s hard!)

And once you tap into your true, conscious personal power, you will feel . . .

  • Confident
  • Abundant
  • Free
  • Excited
  • Happy
  • Powerful
  • Passionate
  • Vibrant
  • Creative
  • At peace

What’s not to like about that?  Hiding from your power is a choice and just as you can choose to hide, you can choose to discover and allow it.

Now that we are in another mercury retrograde,  I think now is the perfect time to ditch the old patterns and choose your power. Your power that lights you up, puts a skip in your step and makes things happen.

Much love,



Increase overall joy + success by doing this one thing

Ever have those days when you just want to press pause?  Like you just want to freeze everything for awhile so you can bask in quiet, peaceful and serene energy?chill

There is so much going on and the word “busy” has become the new anthem or badge of honor in our society. How many times do you hear from people how busy they are?  More often than not, I am guessing.

We are all so busy. Busy, busy, busy. It’s almost like a sickness or something.

I mean I get the reality, that we all are truly busy! We have kids, jobs, to-do’s etc.… Trust me, I get it.

The busy I am referring to, is like we go on autopilot and shut off. It’s that busy that feels disconnected, rushed and without a sense of meaning. It’s like we bounce from thing to thing and don’t really get anywhere.

Sometimes it feels to me, like if we aren’t busy, or don’t feel busy, then it’s almost like we don’t feel useful or productive. What will people think of me if I am not busy? If I don’t have a big to-do list? If I have idle time? OMG, idle time? But isn’t that lazy, unproductive and useless?

No, not at all.

I am here to tell you that the EXACT thing you must do, if you want sanity, clarity, health,  joy and increased personal success in your life—is to choose to take quality down time in your life.

Here are a few guidelines to consider when choosing your down time.

  • Commit to at least one hour of down time a day.
  • Eliminate distractions! During this time, shut off your phone, don’t be on the computer and make this YOUR TIME.
  • Create a sacred ritual for your down time. Walk in nature, have a connecting talk with someone, meditate, do a yoga class . .  anything that gets you feeling relaxed and more connected to you. This is not a time to cross something off your list. This is time for you to make a commitment to stop being busy and start being present in your life.
  • Consistency. If this is just another thing you read and don’t actually implement, then there is no point. If you truly want to feel better, be healthier, wealthier and happier, then it’s critical to get off the busy-mobile and on the feel good bus. Feeling good raises your vibration and attracts more good things into your life. It’s universal law.
  • Honor yourself. You are worth one hour a day!  And if one hour is too big of a stretch, then start with 30 minutes. The point is to get in the habit of slowing down and being centered. The point is to be able to get quiet and still enough to hear yourself through all the self imposed “noise” that we create in our lives through being busy.

Learning to stop the habitual choice to be busy, is a critical step in really learning to master your life and your choices. Once you make a commitment to slowing down and savoring your down time, you will start to notice something. You will start to feel again. You will start to have ideas and more energy. You will get clarity about problems. You will feel a sense of freedom and lightness. You will attract more wanted things in your life.

If you want to live a truly satisfying life–one with peak health, success, love and happiness—you will need to make it a point to slow down, enjoy and go within on a consistent basis.  This always works for me and it when I forget to take this down time, I get a very quick reminder. Things start to feel out of sync when I forget to commit to choosing me.

We are meant to enjoy—not spend it being asleep in a state of busy-ness. So take time for you slow down and savor your life.

I am gonna go chill out..




The Importance of Setting Intentions

It is truly amazing what happens when a group of conscious people come together for the purpose of personal growth, healing and stepping into beauty and cremetruth.  I just got back from  an event in San Diego with some dear friends and one of my mentors—that’s us in the picture!

This event was inspiring, to say the least.

My biggest take away from this experience was a newfound love for setting intentions.

What’s an intention?

An intention is defined as:   noun  1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.

And taking that even further and deeper into a spiritual or personal growth level—an intention is a personal statement of what you desire or intend to create in your day, your present moment and even for the overall scope of your life. An intention is somewhat of a personal mission statement. It’s a way to affirm to the universe exactly what you desire.
Here is a brief list of things you can do to set intentions that will get you on track to creating what you want in your life:
  • Identify what feels like the most important thing for you—is it better health, more money, improved relationships, feeling better about your outlook on life, getting a book deal, selling your home? 
  • What would be your ideal result with the intention you choose? 
  • Write down your intention in the form of a statement. For example, “It is my intention to…..earn 6 figures this year, close this deal today, enjoy exercising, get the most out of an event you are attending, manifest money to take a trip you have been wanting to take.
  • What would having this result or outome feel like to you? Identify how having this intention come true would feel.
  • Turning intentions into reality has a lot to do with how well and how conneted you are to what you desire. Choose things that you know and feel to be in alignment with your highest truth and that just feel really delicious to you.
  • Be specific about your intentions. Infuse all your senses into it…taste, smell, sight, touch, hearing, intuition.
  • Celebrate when your intentions become reality! Let the universe know that you appreciate being heard and that you acknowledge the power of intention.
  • Be consistent and do this often! In order to make a significant change in your life, you have to CHOOSE to commit to doing things differently. That starts with taking 5 minutes a day to write down your intentions and staying connected to them throughout the day, month, year…..your life!

It’s often the little things that can make the biggest differences in our lives and setting clear, powerful, consistent intentions is one way to make that big difference. Choosing an intention is, in effect, choosing your vibration and choosing what energy you put out in the world.  It’s making a conscious choice in what you want each moment to feel and look like. It’s another great tool to use in the quest to manifest a life you love.


Carrie Jolie

p.s. I am opening a 3 spots for private coaching and VIP days. E-mail [email protected] to schedule your personal energetic match assessment.  xo