Are You Hiding From Your Power, Passion and Prosperity?

Are You Hiding From Your Power, Passion and Prosperity?

I know. I get it. I really, really get it. I hid for so many years. I was afraid to step into my power, my passion + my inherent shutterstock_130218290divine prosperity.

And then I knew that to stay in that place would eventually end up killing me. I made a choice, no matter what to come out of my shell and shine.

How many of us come up with all kinds of excuses why we CAN’T do something? We can’t because we are too busy. We can’t because we don’t have enough money. We can’t because we are tired. We can’t because we don’t know how. 

Can’t is a four letter word and if you want to be happy and manifest a life that you love—then you gotta get rid of the “I can’t” belief.

You are the one choosing what to think and how to feel. And with that awareness and that consciousness, you can shape your life. 

Want health? Then think mainly healthy thoughts and feel healthy feelings. Want wealth? Then think and feel in ways that line up with wealth consciousness. Want love? Be loving!  Whatever it is you desire to manifest—you get there by learning to master your choice of thoughts and feelings.

We are all energy and the energy and vibration you put out in the world, is largely the energy you will get back from the world. This is manifesting 101 and it’s the base of it all. If you truly desire to step into a sense of feeling powerful, passionate and prosperous in your life—it starts with the very real point of learning to be in control (even though I don’t like that word) of your thoughts and feelings. In other words, you run them, they don’t run you.

When you can get to that place, you will see a world of passion, prosperity and power (conscious power) open up to you. 

Or……you will just feel better and enjoy your life and that’s what it’s all about!

Much love,

Carrie Jolie

p.s. I will be a bit off the grid for the next 2 weeks. I am heading to San Diego to spend a week with my mentor, Tara Marino and a group of women I have been in a mastermind group with for the last 9 months. I will share pictures and insights from the road, but may not be around as much as I ususally am!  Enjoy your Spring! xo


4 Keys to Instant Inspiration

4 Keys to Instant Inspiration

Ever feel like your creative spark has burned out? Like you need a boost of inspiration to get back on track? 

I know when this happens to me, it can be a bit concerning  because I require my creative flame to be on almost all the time—in order to be productive and to accomplish what needs to get done.

How can you get back in your creative zone when that well seems to be empty?

Here are 4 keys that I use to get instant inspiration when I feel burned out, unclear about my direction or simply uninspired:

  • If you are feeling stuck about a project, message or anything really—get up and move away from what you are doing and move your body. There is really (trust me on this) no point in forcing something to happen, if it’s not there. To shift that energy you need to physically move away from it and get up and move. As a writer, sometimes my best work comes after I get up and walk away from the project for awhile (just be careful you aren’t using the walking away as a form of distraction rather than momentary relief)
  • Create a new energy. What does this mean? It means you need to ditch that old energy that was keeping you feeling stuck and replace it with something that inspires you and raises your vibration. Make a list of things that make you feel better, that have an instant effect on your energy. Take a walk, play with your dog, put on music you love, read a book that inspires you, sing, take a shower, go for a run, go to yoga, meditate for 10 minutes, go fishing, eat some chocolate!  Make your own list of things that you know pull you out of a funk.
  • Be commmitted to actually implementing these things that help shift your energy. Just do it! In order to make a change, you have to change the behavior, belief, or feeling. Forcing, pushing and attachment energy won’t inspire and motivate you. They will burn you out and squelch your flame. 
  • Think about your accomplishments no matter how big or small and celebrate those!  I was the queen of self-deprecation. I never gave myself credit for things well done and didn’t take time to give myself a pat on the back for the wins I had achieved in life. Remember to love yourself and let go of the negative self talk.

What does this have to do with living a life you love with the power of choice? Again, it all comes down to a choice.  Even having a lack of inspiration is a choice. No one is forcing us to be uninspired, we are choosing to feel that way. 

To live a truly happy life, where we feel successful, healthy and are living our desires, we need to be discriminating about our choices….right down to our choice to be inspired, or not. 

A life without inspiration is a life without spark, fun and pleasure. Make it a priority to choose to be inspired by your life!

Graciously and Gratefullly!

Carrie Jolie Dale

p.s.  I am taking a small group of women to the South of France this late summer or early Fall ot coincide with my European book launch.  We are putting all the pieces together right now. It will be amazing! Please let us know if you, or someone you know may be interested in heading to Provence to discover more pleasure, passion and purpose in your life—all in one of the most amazing places on earth!

The Power of Choice Pow-wow’s

Enjoy my first in a series of interviews with people I love and admire in the coaching, writing and entrepreneurial world. 

We will chat about life, our businesses and family and of course how these great minds use the power of choice to create amazing lives.

My first guest is Jan Hoath of Nurture The Leader. She is a leadership coach and is doing amazing work to empower women to step into leadership roles in a conscious, authentic way. 

Check out the interview here!  



The Choice to Love

I am LOVING getting asked to share on guest blogs.  My latest contribution was about the choice we have in each moment to love and simple things we can do to get ourselves in “loving energy.”

It’s simple,  it works and of course, it feels good! Love just feels good.

Try choosing love, really choosing love today. Even if it’s just keeping that thought in your head and sending out loving energy to the world. Watch it change your vibe immediately!

Click here for the link and enjoy! 




The Choice to Change

The Choice to Change

Please check out my article that was recently featured on The Change Blog.    choice-to-change

It’s all about how we can change anything—with the power and gift of choice. 

We can have all the content, all the information and all the latest, greatest self-help, inspirational and how-to books on our bookshelves, but if we aren’t CHOOSING to implement, practice and actually DO those things, then nothing will change.

In order to change, we have to make a conscious choice to change. 

Check out the full post here—The Choice to Change

Graciously + lovingly,

Carrie Jolie

ps. stay tuned for exciting new changes at New programs, great free stuff and new weekly story time audio and videos!

The Myth of Feeling Good all the Time

The Myth of Feeling Good all the Time

In the quest to manifest things—to get what we want in life by learning to use our energy to attract things to us—we often hear that we need to just feel good.             feelreal-default

Ok, so that can be a bit confusing, because the fact is—there will be times when it doesn’t feel good. 

There will be times when it is confusing, sad, scary, uncomfortable and challenging.

In the quest to go for your dreams, live true to yourself and manifest your desires, the soul will experience some growing pains.

You may not want to write that blog post, change your eating habits, react differently to people who trigger you or have that difficult talk with your spouse. But in the end, by doing these things and moving through the intital discomfort, you may get closer to a deeper sense of feeling good. 

Does it feel good to get on stage and overcome your fear of public speaking? No!  But in order to achieve that next level you may want to go to in your life—it may be necessary to go through that fear and come out the other end with an increased confidence.

You willingly go through the discomfort to reap the reward on the other side. 

Having the healthy body you really want may require that you give up some bad habits to get the result you want. It may require you change your diet, exercise more and change your beliefs about health. You may have to sweat a bit (literally) to get to that better feeling place in your life. 

Would it be easier to sit on the coach and eat potato-chips? Mmmm….maybe in that instant. But on another more conscious level, you know that what would be better for you would be to get your butt off the coach, go for a walk, choose something healthy to eat and ditch the junk food.

Where many people get off track with this idea (to just feel good no matter what) is that they confuse feeling good from a short-term, instant gratification viewpoint, with a long-term, more conscious, deep level of feeling good. Or they believe that they have to fake how they feel and force being happy. This isn’t about faking it.

Be real about how you feel, then move towards raising your vibration by feeling better. 

The point it—it’s not always easy, and it doesn’t always feel good.

We resist change. We fight it. We tend to want to do what is easier. Do we want easy, or do we want lasting joy? Do we want easy or meaningful? 

Struggle is not a requirement, but it may be a part of it when you are pushing up against some big goals, changes or intentions.

Keep the focus on feeling real and feeling better. Just keep reaching for ways to feel better that will serve you long-term and support your goals and intentions.

Choosing our thoughts, feelings and actions is what it’s all about. Having choice is what gives us creative freedom in our lives. If you want something that isn’t coming to you—choose differently. That is all it takes.

In gratitude!