Birkenstocks + Louboutins . . . which ones?

I SAY BOTH!!!   For those of you who don’t know what my subject title it all about—those are both brands of SHOES.

I am sure most of you know about Birkenstocks—the earthy, hippy sandal that has made quite the  comeback (actually, they have probably never went away).

And for you luxury lovers—Louboutins are a stand out brand in the luxury line.

These two different brands of shoes couldn’t be more different.

One, is the optime of the earthy, hippy sort of scene and the other is a brand is the creme de la creme in the luxury world. One speaks of comfort, practicalilty, and down-to-earthness. And the other is a brand of sexy, sassy and luxury ( and not so comfy).

Why am I writing about shoes?

Well, I happen to own both brands and I love them equally.  And I felt a little weird about that for a while. Like I needed to choose one “camp” to be in.

I either needed to be an earthy, nature loving, granola eating, tree huggin’, Birkenstock wearer.

Or, I needed to embrace the luxurious, sensual, grown and worldly Louboutin clan.

I felt like I needed to make up my mind about who I was and get on with it.

And then I stopped and realized how utterly silly I was being. Who cares!  Who cares if we don’t fit into a box? Who cares if we fit into several boxes?

Who cares if we choose to fit into no box and just be free.

This isn’t really just a post about shoes. It’s a post about the truth of who we are.  Our most authentic, real, naked, unabashed selves. celebritybirkenstocktrend

The ones who don’t care about labels, boxes, and fitting in here or there.  The ones who don’t get caught up in worrying about being a tree hugging’, earth loving, animal loving, luxury loving human.

Just because we love and stand for one thing, doesn’t mean we have to turn our backs on other things, that we enjoy.

I see this often in the self help/spiritual world. People feel that it is somehow not spiritual and materialistic to have nice things, to desire nice clothes, travel and the finer things in life.

And I say, to each their own, but that is not a box I choose to put myself in any longer.

I think you can have the awareness and consciousness to be a high vibration person in the world, work for change and consciousness and ALSO enjoy nice things in life.

After all, we do live in a material plane. We aren’t air. We are matter. We are material our selves, so why wouldn’t we enjoy (not covet, or hoard) the material things in life?

For me, living this life of honoring my earthy, spiritual self and also enjoying the material pleasure and beauty of life, I call being a Barefoot Belle.

Barefoot……being the part that is obviously barefoot, but for me this signifies connection to earth + nature, free, unabashed, pure and spiritual.

Belle…..being the french word for “beautiful” and to me, signifies culture, beauty, luxury, savior-faire and our earthly delights.

Being a Barefoot Belle is actually about being grounded and rooted in who we are (our natural selves ) and also honoring what we love. That can be nice shoes, nice meals, nice cars, travel, spa days, organic food, charity work, nature . . . whatever it is for you.

And we can love nice things, material things and still be consciousness and aware. It doesn’t mean we are fake, superficial or somehow less spiritual to enjoy the finer things in life.

Not all all.

What we think, feel and do are all choices. They are choices that influence our vibration and our vibration is what determines what comes to us in life.

In fact, it means that we are just enjoying more, which is spiritual and which is aware.

So , maybe you are a vegan who happens to really like leather shoes, maybe you are a big environmentalist who also loves to travel. Maybe you are earthy and stylish.

I don’t think we need to be so hard on ourselves. I think we can let go of the labels, the boxes and our need to compartmentalize our lives and our selves.

It’s ok to just really choose who we are—guilt free.




Birthed + Bestseller!

Thanks to everyone who played a part in the birth of my first book, The 2 Choices. I am happy to say, the book hit #1 on Amazon in a self-help category.  02

I always felt that hitting number one was the goal and that I would somehow feel like ” I made it” or ” I did it!”

But the truth is—that isn’t what its all about. Sure, it’s a bit of confirmation and it feels good, but the bigger thing is the value + the meaning behind it all.

It’s not always what we think when we hit a goal or intention.

In fact, the saying that it’s the journey and not the end result is oh, so very true.

It is what we choose to learn along the way and then how we choose to integrate that into our lives.  It is about the value and meaning that any worthwhile venture and stretch beyond our comfort zones can show us.

It’s not all over, now that it’s all over (the launch). In fact, it is all just beginning.  To me, the book and this entire process wasn’t about hitting some goal, so my ego could be fed.

It was and is about adding value and quality to peoples lives.

I want to help people understand that living a life they love is as simple as a choice.

I want people to know that the answer to their health problem is a choice away.

I desire to help people live their truths, walk their paths in life and just learn a simple way to feel better in each and every moment—with simply making choices that line up with those things.

Your life is a result of your choices and how you want to live depends on you—no one else.

I invite you to get on board with the simple little word that can have a massive impact in your life—choice.

It is a gift. It is power. And it is your absolute 100% way to live a life you love.

Choose love. Choose happy. Choose forgiveness. Choose play. Choose to let it go. Choose your life. Choose now.

Here is the promotional video for the book and a link to my Amazon page.

Love to y’all!  (gearing up for my move to the south!)



The Importance of Setting Intentions

It is truly amazing what happens when a group of conscious people come together for the purpose of personal growth, healing and stepping into beauty and cremetruth.  I just got back from  an event in San Diego with some dear friends and one of my mentors—that’s us in the picture!

This event was inspiring, to say the least.

My biggest take away from this experience was a newfound love for setting intentions.

What’s an intention?

An intention is defined as:   noun  1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.

And taking that even further and deeper into a spiritual or personal growth level—an intention is a personal statement of what you desire or intend to create in your day, your present moment and even for the overall scope of your life. An intention is somewhat of a personal mission statement. It’s a way to affirm to the universe exactly what you desire.
Here is a brief list of things you can do to set intentions that will get you on track to creating what you want in your life:
  • Identify what feels like the most important thing for you—is it better health, more money, improved relationships, feeling better about your outlook on life, getting a book deal, selling your home? 
  • What would be your ideal result with the intention you choose? 
  • Write down your intention in the form of a statement. For example, “It is my intention to…..earn 6 figures this year, close this deal today, enjoy exercising, get the most out of an event you are attending, manifest money to take a trip you have been wanting to take.
  • What would having this result or outome feel like to you? Identify how having this intention come true would feel.
  • Turning intentions into reality has a lot to do with how well and how conneted you are to what you desire. Choose things that you know and feel to be in alignment with your highest truth and that just feel really delicious to you.
  • Be specific about your intentions. Infuse all your senses into it…taste, smell, sight, touch, hearing, intuition.
  • Celebrate when your intentions become reality! Let the universe know that you appreciate being heard and that you acknowledge the power of intention.
  • Be consistent and do this often! In order to make a significant change in your life, you have to CHOOSE to commit to doing things differently. That starts with taking 5 minutes a day to write down your intentions and staying connected to them throughout the day, month, year…..your life!

It’s often the little things that can make the biggest differences in our lives and setting clear, powerful, consistent intentions is one way to make that big difference. Choosing an intention is, in effect, choosing your vibration and choosing what energy you put out in the world.  It’s making a conscious choice in what you want each moment to feel and look like. It’s another great tool to use in the quest to manifest a life you love.


Carrie Jolie

p.s. I am opening a 3 spots for private coaching and VIP days. E-mail [email protected] to schedule your personal energetic match assessment.  xo

4 Keys to Instant Inspiration

4 Keys to Instant Inspiration

Ever feel like your creative spark has burned out? Like you need a boost of inspiration to get back on track? 

I know when this happens to me, it can be a bit concerning  because I require my creative flame to be on almost all the time—in order to be productive and to accomplish what needs to get done.

How can you get back in your creative zone when that well seems to be empty?

Here are 4 keys that I use to get instant inspiration when I feel burned out, unclear about my direction or simply uninspired:

  • If you are feeling stuck about a project, message or anything really—get up and move away from what you are doing and move your body. There is really (trust me on this) no point in forcing something to happen, if it’s not there. To shift that energy you need to physically move away from it and get up and move. As a writer, sometimes my best work comes after I get up and walk away from the project for awhile (just be careful you aren’t using the walking away as a form of distraction rather than momentary relief)
  • Create a new energy. What does this mean? It means you need to ditch that old energy that was keeping you feeling stuck and replace it with something that inspires you and raises your vibration. Make a list of things that make you feel better, that have an instant effect on your energy. Take a walk, play with your dog, put on music you love, read a book that inspires you, sing, take a shower, go for a run, go to yoga, meditate for 10 minutes, go fishing, eat some chocolate!  Make your own list of things that you know pull you out of a funk.
  • Be commmitted to actually implementing these things that help shift your energy. Just do it! In order to make a change, you have to change the behavior, belief, or feeling. Forcing, pushing and attachment energy won’t inspire and motivate you. They will burn you out and squelch your flame. 
  • Think about your accomplishments no matter how big or small and celebrate those!  I was the queen of self-deprecation. I never gave myself credit for things well done and didn’t take time to give myself a pat on the back for the wins I had achieved in life. Remember to love yourself and let go of the negative self talk.

What does this have to do with living a life you love with the power of choice? Again, it all comes down to a choice.  Even having a lack of inspiration is a choice. No one is forcing us to be uninspired, we are choosing to feel that way. 

To live a truly happy life, where we feel successful, healthy and are living our desires, we need to be discriminating about our choices….right down to our choice to be inspired, or not. 

A life without inspiration is a life without spark, fun and pleasure. Make it a priority to choose to be inspired by your life!

Graciously and Gratefullly!

Carrie Jolie Dale

p.s.  I am taking a small group of women to the South of France this late summer or early Fall ot coincide with my European book launch.  We are putting all the pieces together right now. It will be amazing! Please let us know if you, or someone you know may be interested in heading to Provence to discover more pleasure, passion and purpose in your life—all in one of the most amazing places on earth!

The Myth of Feeling Good all the Time

The Myth of Feeling Good all the Time

In the quest to manifest things—to get what we want in life by learning to use our energy to attract things to us—we often hear that we need to just feel good.             feelreal-default

Ok, so that can be a bit confusing, because the fact is—there will be times when it doesn’t feel good. 

There will be times when it is confusing, sad, scary, uncomfortable and challenging.

In the quest to go for your dreams, live true to yourself and manifest your desires, the soul will experience some growing pains.

You may not want to write that blog post, change your eating habits, react differently to people who trigger you or have that difficult talk with your spouse. But in the end, by doing these things and moving through the intital discomfort, you may get closer to a deeper sense of feeling good. 

Does it feel good to get on stage and overcome your fear of public speaking? No!  But in order to achieve that next level you may want to go to in your life—it may be necessary to go through that fear and come out the other end with an increased confidence.

You willingly go through the discomfort to reap the reward on the other side. 

Having the healthy body you really want may require that you give up some bad habits to get the result you want. It may require you change your diet, exercise more and change your beliefs about health. You may have to sweat a bit (literally) to get to that better feeling place in your life. 

Would it be easier to sit on the coach and eat potato-chips? Mmmm….maybe in that instant. But on another more conscious level, you know that what would be better for you would be to get your butt off the coach, go for a walk, choose something healthy to eat and ditch the junk food.

Where many people get off track with this idea (to just feel good no matter what) is that they confuse feeling good from a short-term, instant gratification viewpoint, with a long-term, more conscious, deep level of feeling good. Or they believe that they have to fake how they feel and force being happy. This isn’t about faking it.

Be real about how you feel, then move towards raising your vibration by feeling better. 

The point it—it’s not always easy, and it doesn’t always feel good.

We resist change. We fight it. We tend to want to do what is easier. Do we want easy, or do we want lasting joy? Do we want easy or meaningful? 

Struggle is not a requirement, but it may be a part of it when you are pushing up against some big goals, changes or intentions.

Keep the focus on feeling real and feeling better. Just keep reaching for ways to feel better that will serve you long-term and support your goals and intentions.

Choosing our thoughts, feelings and actions is what it’s all about. Having choice is what gives us creative freedom in our lives. If you want something that isn’t coming to you—choose differently. That is all it takes.

In gratitude!



The Meltdown Before the Miracle (or Metamorphosis)

Have you ever felt like giving up?  Like you work so hard at something with little to no reward?    miracle    

Or, do you find yourself getting upset (a mini-meltdown) because you see others doing what you are doing, but they seem to be rewarded for their hard work? 

Do you compare yourself to others and think . . .

  • It’s easier for them to make money—they have the wealth you want.
  • It’s easier for them to have an amazing body—they have the health you desire.
  • It’s easier for them to have that successful businesses—they have the success you would love.
  • It’s easier for them to be happy—they have the happiness you strive for.
  • It’s easier for them because______________ (fill in the blank).

I am sure you have heard the saying, “Dont’ give up when you are 3 feet from gold.”   I first read this in Naploen Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. It’s the idea that many people give up, just before they are about to find gold (or the results they desire in their lives or businesses).  

From a life and spiritual perspective, we often think that if we don’t see results from our efforts right away, then it must not be working…..there must be something “off” with our vision, our dream or our plan. 

There will be times on our journeys (as humans, entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, business owners, moms!!) that we will need to STRETCH personally and professionally. That we will feel a bit of discomfort as we move past limiting beliefs in order to get to our “gold.”  

The “gold” being whatever it is we desire—health, wealth, happiness, money or connecting relationships.

There is a difference between the kind of discomfort that is guiding and gently nudging us through our limiting beliefs (and growing) and the discomfort of pushing against things that truly do not serve us.

How do you know the difference?

You know the difference because of how it feels. Something that is truly not working for us any longer and no longer serves our higher intentions and goals—feels different than things that are truly taking us to a new level of growth in our lives. 

The idea that life should always feel good and we should always be happy—in all honesty—is a disservice to many people and a flaw (I think) in the self-help world.

I think many people feel bad, or like there is something wrong with them for feeling discouraged, disappointed or having meltdowns over not being where they want to be. Sometimes these feelings can actually facilitate the shift.

Sometimes these “negative” or intense feelings can be the catalyst to have the miracle—or metamorphosis—happen for you. 

It can be these uncomfortable feelings that push you that extra bit to find your gold, your reward and your personal best.

It can be those very meltdowns that are the kick in the butt to get you to the next “level.” 

The key to manifesting and really living the life you desire is learning to keep your vibration consistently high. This doesn’t mean there wont be meltdowns or disappointments, it just means we use those to move forward rather then using them as an excuse to slide backwards. The meltdowns can be a great signal that we are on track and on the verge of striking it rich!

Whatever it is you want to manifest—prosperity, health, success, happiness—it’s about getting super focused on choosing to keep your vision in mind (the stack of gold, the body you desire, the travel, the love) no matter what is happening around you.

It’s not giving up right before the miracle. 

Know, believe, trust and have faith.

Choose to be relentless about your desires.

Choose to be unwavering in the pursuit of your truth. 

In love + gratitude,


Carrie Jolie

p.s.  I guide and coach women to live lives that are meaningful, rich and rewarding. I help strategize so that you can manifest what you want and discover what it really means to feel your truth, your voice and your authenticity. Many of us don’t know what that means….to feel authentic, to know our truth and to really access our voice. If you are curious about how this can shift your life, e-mail me at [email protected]