6 things to do when you feel let down as ****


Brevity . . . my FAVORITE.

If you’re reading “me” for the first time, I write about spiritual stuff, the power of choice + living lives that seriously curl your toes, put a zip in your step and make you tingle all over. 

Great, big, tingles. 

But what about when shit goes down that doesn’t feel so tingly? When things aren’t lining up for you? When the sparkle has left the romance, the deals aren’t going through, the happiness isn’t happening and those pounds aren’t staying off?

What about when you feel let down as **** and you cant seem to dig your way out of that hole?

Try these 6 things (but actually DO THEM, don’t just read them) Action Jackson. 

  1. Get a pen or pencil. Get some paper. YELL AND SCREAM on paper (if this feels cathartic, of course). Write down what’s got your panties in a bunch. Write it down. Scribble it if need be. Just get it out, down on paper. Say whatever you want. Anything goes here. 
  2. Discard it. Find a way to safely purge what you just wrote down. Burn it (only if you can do it safely) shred it, dispose of it safely. And if there is no way to safely dispose of it and you don’t feel comfortable writing these things down, at least find a way to release those feelings in a safe way. Maybe go out in nature, where you can be alone and just say it to the universe. Get it out. Purge it, then discard it. 
  3. Get grounded. Epsom salt baths, nature walks, funny movies, comfort food (unless this triggers body issues) hugs, snuggles, hanging with people/pets you love. 
  4. Smile. Force it a bit. I know, I know, who likes to force things? No one. But in this case, when you are feeling let down as all ****  you gotta just practice smiling more It’s amazing what happens energetically when you just make an effort to smile more. People smile back and the world just becomes brighter. 
  5. Remember happy. Take a few minutes every hour on the hour (or just as much as you can) to remember a time when you felt happy, or at least pretty gosh darn good. Sink into those memories as if they were right here, right now. Access those happy feelings. Access + feel them. 
  6. Choose happy. Choose love. Choose healthy. Choose abundant. Even though life can throw some humdingers our way—it doesn’t mean we don’t get to choose what it looks like. You may have horrible days, weeks, months and years, but what you do have, that is the most massive gift + power—is the ability to CHOOOSE how you feel and what you think. When you realize and embrace this, you get to choose whatever it is you want in life.  It’s one thing to remember what it feels like to be happy, but an entire new level of commitment when you DAILY choose it (or health, wealth, love, joy, spiritual connection, miracles).

The gift and power we have in what we choose to think and feel is the biggie here. It doesn’t matter what’s happened to you—what  cant EVER be taken away is your choice to FEEL and THINK how and what you want to think and feel. If you can get to this point—as the saying goes—the world is your oyster.

How you feel is an energy. What you think is an energy. When you learn to use this in a conscious, constructive way—you also learn how to be a co-creator in your life.  Instead of feeling like its all happening TO you, it switches on a dime to a real sense of being able to create and manifest what you desire in your life.

And that, my most beautiful and dear soul-sister + brother is worthy of full body tingles.

It’s the super feel good stuff, when you start playing life on this level. It’s fun. It’s connecting. It’s pure light and love. 



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The Only Two Choices That Matter

If I stumbled across this heading, I would probably be like . . . no way!

Get outta here. Only two?

No one is gonna tell me I only have two choices! I mean come on, we live for our choices, don’t we?

We live for having many choices. 

It’s what makes us feel free.

There is something quite expansive about knowing you can choose many different things. 

And there is also the flip side, which I know you have most likely felt—that sometimes it feels like there are TOO MANY CHOICES. 

I call it choice overload.

It’s when we get that deer in headlights sensation—when it is just too much, too many, overload to the senses. 

So, yes, on one hand having many choices can be a great thing, and on the other hand—it can be counterproductive.

Having too many choices actually holds us back when it creates that sense of being overwhelmed and also when having too many choices creates an inability to make conscious, grounded choices. 

So, whats an inquiring mind to do? 

If you are, like me, I want to have the best possible life that I can. I want to feel free, happy and alive. I want to feel peace, harmony and abundance. I desire travel, good food, happy people around me and I desire things in my life to just be super dialed in.

Don’t you want a life that lights you up? Where you are excited about each day.

Thrilled. Magical. Sizzling.

Harmonious + Free.  

Prosperity? Yes. LOVE? YES PLEASE!  

Success on your own terms? Absolutely. 

Can you relate to this? 

Can you relate to wanting to be super in sync with your life? To know and feel such a deep sense of truth, that there is just no doubt. 

No doubt that you are on track—in your zone. And If you are a spiritual person (or faith based ) then you also want to feel a sense of being connected with your higher truth, your larger vision and your God, your Source. 

This is truly when the magic happens. 

I believe, that when we get to this place—this is when the miracles really start to show up for us. 

And having these things show up in our lives (or not show up) is a choice. 

When it comes right down to the nitty gritty of living blissful, connected lives—you have two choices. 

You get to choose one path—which is a set of beliefs, feelings and general ways of being in the world—that line up with and support your dreams and desires. 

Or you have the second choice—which is to think, feel and act in ways that don’t support you. 

Two choices (which really encompass many different choices) but can all be narrowed down to either things that support your divine path, or they don’t. 

You are choosing love, joy, happiness, optimism, connecting, awareness, gratitude, appreciation, faith, surrender–things that get you energetically lined up for success. 

Or, you are choosing blame, guilt, hate, anger, victimhood, unconsciousness, self-hatred, self-sabotage—you are choosing things that you know, on some level—are holding you back from your greatness. 

Two choices—to be in your zone of creating what you want, or to be in your zone of creating what you don’t want. 

You get to choose. That is the brilliant thing about it all.



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Coming Your Way Soon—Mercury Retrograde

This one is gonna be good!  

It’s about re-invention.

outer space planets artwork 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_73

I LOVE RE-ANYTHING!  IT SIGNIFIES A  FRESH START.  It means we get to re-do, re-claim, re-focus, re-learn, re-love, re-choose + re-member.

Want better health, more wealth, that hunky love partner, or world peace? You get to reinvent what that means for you now. 

Dear Souls . . . there is truly no need to EVER freak out or be worried about things. Worry is not a vibration that attracts what you want.

Worrying isn’t high vibration (and plus it feels horrible)

In fact, worry just generally keeps us stuck in cycles that give us more shit to worry about. 

So, put on your positivity pants and gear up for another powerful, transformational Mercury Retrograde. 


If you don’t know what mercury retrograde—I would love to fill you in. 

Mercury Retrograde happens about 3-4 times a year and—in a nutshell—the planet Mercury slows down in its orbit and appears to move backwards. 

However, this is an optical illusion (no planets move backwards).  According to the smarty pants as NASA (it’s not just us woo-woo types that talk about Mercury Retrogrades) the normal motion of stars and planets in our nights sky—goes from west to east direction. This is called prograde motion. 

A retrograde of any planet occurs when it shifts from an east to west direction before turning back to prograde motion.  

The planetary dance that happens in this process, is our beloved Mercury Retrograde period. 

Mercury Retrograde has become quite the buzzwords and people get all freaked out about their computers breaking down, cars not working, flights being cancelled and basically, all hell breaking loose on earth. 

And why do people think this?  

From an astrological perspective, Mercury is the planet that rules all forms of communication, travel, clarity and honesty. 


So when planet Mercury starts shaking things up out there in the universe (by going into a retrograde), the school of thought is that our earthly matters that are connected to travel, communication and these sorts of things—go a bit helter-skelter. 

Whether you believe this to be true, or not—as with anything in life—just being aware and conscious is a good choice.

If it does exist and does genuinely impact things in your life—then approaching these times thoughtfully and with awareness—is a perfect way to flow with it.  

Personally, I do notice a big shift in energy during retrogrades and I have used these times for great, positive transformations in my own life.   

I get all geeked out about retrogrades because for me, they symbolize a time to go inward, reflect and reinvigorate. 

To reiterate . . . there is no need to worry during a retrograde. 

Thoughts are things dears. And we choose our thoughts (this is powerful)


Can we prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mercury Retrograde does what people says it does? Nope!

But we can be aware. And we can use every moment—whether its a retrograde, or not—to choose to be aware, conscious and in alignment with what we want to do in life and who we want to be. 

The most current retrograde happens next week—January 21st through February 11th, 2015.  The other two this year are on May 18th—June 11th and September 17th—October 9th. 

Mark it on your calendars (or not). And maybe make a note to keep a journal during retrogrades to see what you observe in your own life. 

I happen to have 2 trips planned during this retrograde and I am feeling quite jazzed about both of them.

As with anything—it comes down to a choice.


A choice to think a certain way, feel a certain way and act in a certain way—that lines up with what you want in life. Whatever it may be— a reinvention during a powerful retrograde, or better health, more passion and love in your life, or simply more happiness—it’s all about choosing thoughts and feelings that get you closer to those things. 

Welcome the retrograde, or ignore it altogether—it’s your choice. 

Much love to you this day and every day!


p.s. Try to NOT get caught in the trap of blaming unwanted things on the planets (lovingly). Rather, embrace these times and access your true and birth given power. Use these times for re-inventing what it means to be the you that you want to be. 

The Top 10

Carrie’s Top 10 List—The Big Kahunas (the things that have impacted my life on a grand + top10spectacular scale)   


  • Commitment to awareness. This has to top my list, because without this in the lead—there wouldn’t be a list. I wouldn’t really think about it. I would be largely unaware of my life. In the past, I “lived” life asleep on so many levels. Asleep and numb to how I really felt, what I really wanted and what was truly possible. And when I made the choice to step into being committed to being aware (of my feelings, my thoughts, my reactions and the overall vibe of my life)—I began to get way more tuned into what truly mattered to me. Once you know what you truly desire—you are one step closer to receiving it. 

  • Journaling. This should come as no surprise, being a writer and all. But I actually never really enjoyed journaling. For me, I preferred typing on a keyboard, which is such a familiar thing for me, given my background as a pianist. But a dear friend/mentor of mine, showed me just how beneficial journaling can be. There is a different mechanism that happens when we actually physically write over typing on a keyboard. It’s super satisfying and helps me wind down after a long day at the computer. 

  • Books (shocker!). Aside from being a voracious writer, I am a voracious reader. I LOVE to read and at most times, have about 3 books going at the same time. The books that have had the biggest impact on me (of late)have been:  A Course in Miracles (I struggled with this book in the past, because it read a bit like the bible, but if you stick with the workbook section and are ready for this sort of thing—I have found it miraculous) Abraham-Hicks books (any of them are good, or even just their daily quotes—they are the masters on the topic of energy and vibration)

  • Relationships.  This last year, one of my biggest “A-HA’s” was just how critical it is for me to have healthy relationships. If there is something a bit off or unresolved in one of my primary relationships—it throws everything off its axis. And maybe this goes hand in hand with #1 on the list—that when you commit to awareness in your life—you can’t pretend or ignore when something is off and when the energy around it isn’t in alignment with what you want. If you work on healing and making peace with strained relationships—it spills into all the other areas of your life. 

  • Nature. I need nature to feel grounded. It’s that simple. When I feel scattered, I simply go outside and sink my feet in the earth, or walk in the woods and it’s an instant game changer. Find that thing that can instantly change your mood from heavy to light. 

  • Exercise/Health.  This is another critical one for me and will most likely always have a place on my top 10 list. I have to exercise or I CLIMB WALLS.  I also am a fan of supplements and eating in a way that honors what my body wants. I don’t follow any diets, or mainstream advice on what is healthy/not healthy. You can find just as many studies that prove one approach to health and diet is good—as you can find studies to show that it’s not. Bottom line—find out what feels in alignment with you. Always. 

  • Creative outlet. For me, bringing things back into my life—like the piano and cooking— has been a great creative outlet. After a long day of writing—to create an amazing French meal is super relaxing. 

  • Travel. I must have been a gypsy in a past life, because I MUST have a change of scenery periodically or I go bonkers. I love going to new place, discovering new foods, people, etc. It makes me feel alive. 

  • Honoring what I love. This is what happens when you become committed to awareness. You discover more of what you really love and don’t love. Once you get to that point, the going backwards thing feels horrible. I love—candles, baths, good food, happy (but not fake happy) people, my kids, my dogs, my man, nature, nice clothes, travel, health, exercise, play, talking with God, creating, enjoying, luxury, flying first class, FRANCE and of course, everything on this list!

  • Solitude. This is a must have and a major epiphany for me this last year. I fought it because I associated wanting and needing good chunks of solitude as being—antisocial, introverted or like I was resisting something. That I needed to push through this and want to enjoy being in the company of others more often. Nope!  My truth is that I require a certain amount of solitude to feel grounded and at my best, peak operating level.

So there you have it!  I would encourage you, if you haven’t already to think over what your personal list may look like.

Because taking the time to do this (and writing it down) is a critical step in being aligned with what you want in life. You can go through life on autopilot (and if it works, then great!) or you can become very tuned into what it is you want, what you like and what makes you feel your best. 

And when we feel our best—we are magnets attracting more of that goodness our way. 

A bientôt!



The things we fear the most . . .




















Are the very things we need to experience and move through in order to get to the happy, connecting, real and beautiful elements of our lives that WE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR.  Sometime you may have to S-T-R-E-T-C-H out beyond your comfort zone in order to get that next thing on your wish list.

When reflecting back over this last year—there have been a few eensie weensie (understatement) growing pains in my life.

(And there were massive, super-wow, incredible, joy-filled moments of bliss, connection, beauty and truth)

There was the discomfort of knowing that I wanted certain things, but was truly afraid to admit it to myself.

Who am I to want…..this?

Who am I to deserve………that?

There was the fear that no matter what I did—it wouldn’t be good enough. EVER.

There was the fear I wouldn’t finish it.

There was the confusion over HOW to do it.

There were the comparisons and the negative chatter of my runaway brain.

There were moments I wanted to quit, hide, run and be a big cry baby ( or just have a good cry)

There were moments I felt guilty, ashamed, stuck and unheard.

And then, I surrendered to all of it and just said ……OK.


And in return, I won’t give into fear. I will choose love and I will choose faith.

I brought an attitude of “this or something even better please” over “oh shit, not this again!”

I never took my eyes off of what I asked for.

Unwavering (and still scared)

In moving through the seemingly insurmountable mountains that life sometimes places in our path—is the beauty inherent in the mountain.

Is the beauty in the struggle.

Is the light in the darkness.

Is the “BIG A-HA” waiting for us on the other side of the challenge, when we get to see what we are really made of and just how magnificent and powerful we are.

I know, this isn’t a major new idea…….that great things can come from the not so great things, but I just wanted to share(from a very real, heartfelt place) just how incredible it is when you surrender, know you’re love and just simply be that.

It doesn’t have to be such a big, hairy deal—life.

It’s all ok. It’s better than ok. In fact, it’s what we make it.

It all comes down to a choice.

The choice to live in fear. Or the choice to live in LOVE.

I choose love. And super-wow.




4 keys to creating a high vibration (aligned energy)

High vibration, good energy, law of attraction . . . these are common things you may hear about in the world of personal  images-11improvement + spiritual development.

But just what exactly are these things and why do they matter? How can they help you attract abundance, be happier and find love?

In a nutshell . . .

Nobel prize winning physicists  have proven beyond doubt that the physical world we see (our bodies, a tree, a slice of pizza, a bird) are all energy forms that come in and out of our awareness in milliseconds—over and over again.

We live in a  giant sea of energy.

They have also proven that our thoughts are what give these objects we “see” meaning. In other words, thoughts are things. Thoughts create what we see—our reality.

Now, this is a very rudimentary explanation of the process….and one can certainly go further down the rabbit hole, but the point is—YOU create and shape your reality by what you choose to think  and also what you choose to feel.

These thoughts and feelings are your vibration.

Consider yourself like one giant magnet, attracting to you similar vibrations and energies that you are giving off.   This is the basic premise of law of attraction—you attract what you give off.

Ever notice how the most joyful, carefree people seem to have joy filled, carefree lives? And those who complain and focus on the negative tend to attract things to complain and be negative about?

Some people like to call it high vibration or good energy. For me, I like to call it aligned energy—this is where my energy is aligned with what I love, what makes me feel good and what keeps me attracting things I want in my life.  Because the truth is, whether you call it high, good or aligned energy—it’s all about you finding out what it means for you. You may feel your energy is more aligned when you walk in nature, whereas for the next person, it may be playing their guitar or taking a nap.

It’s simple, and complex at the same time, because most people aren’t truly aware of just exactly what sort of vibration they are 544bd1db18cecdca3b92642eputting out into the world, on a consistent basis.

You see, with energy and vibration, it’s  about consistency.

Most of us don’t really take time to think about it in our busy lives.  We just get on the hamster wheel of life and go throughout our days, week, and years, unaware of the fact that we may have underlying feelings about money that are really holding us back from attracting the prosperity  that we desire.  And its the same with any topic—be it health, happiness or love.

So the main key to creating a higher vibration— is to become aware of it.

Here are 4 key strategies to increasing your awareness about your energy/vibration

  1. Keep a journal. Take time ( 5-10 minutes is fine) to sit down and write.  You don’t have to have a specific topic in mind, just write.  Get in the habit of putting what’s in your head + heart down on paper.  This is one way to start to realize what you are thinking and feeling.  It’s one way to get more in touch with what things are really on your mind.  You may have a tendency to burry things and hide from uncomfortable feelings, so writing and journaling about them is a great way to get it out. Journaling has changed my life and helped my to become much more aware of what I am truly feeling and therefore putting out into the sea of energy we call life.
  2. Breathe.  Most of us go throughout the day shallow breathing. Learning to be more conscious about your breath and taking longer, deeper breaths throughout the day, is a quick fix to getting in touch with your energy and also instantly raising it.
  3. Alone time.  Make a habit (daily if you can) of taking time to meditate, or get out in nature, go fishing, do some yoga, . . . whatever it takes for you to unplug from the noisy world and just be in the stillness.  This is critical for you to become—not only aware of your energy—but to learn to shift it into a more balance, aligned energy.
  4. Be honest about your life. Do you have what you want? Are you happy?  The biggest clue as to the true energy you are putting out in the world–is to take a look at your life from a very real, honest place. Are you where you want to be? If not, change your energy, to change your results.  If we continually  have chaos..thats a pretty good indication our energy is not aligned.  If you continually experience happiness, you are on track. Keep it up!

Why do you need a high vibration or aligned energy?

You need this if  you want to learn to be an active co-creator in your life, rather than feeling life just happens to you.

If you really have a true desire to find true inner happiness, love and prosperity in your life—understanding the basics of vibration + energy is a good place to start.

Plus, learning to master what you think and how you feel—just feels better!

And, like my favorite spiritual teachers say—Life is supposed to feel good.

As always . .