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Choices are sexy.  The mystery is in the choice.

OK . . . maybe it’s not that sexy, but living a passion filled, authentic life certainly is. And you get there bit by bit by those boring little choices. When faced with two choices—always pick the sexier one—or at least the one that feeds your soul a bit more.

Think of a time when you felt your most sexy-you felt alive, passionate, beautiful, and powerful.

Where were you?  What were you doing?  Who were you with?  Really sink in to the key components that make you feel alive.  

Start choosing things in your life that make feel that way. Maybe it’s being in nature. Maybe it’s traveling, or sitting at a cafe reading a new book. Whatever it is—choose it.  

Whatever you desire, can come to you by taking baby steps to feelings better and thinking better—every day.

Choice=the opportunity or right to choose between different things

Decision= the act of or need for making up one’s mindWhat’s the difference between the two and why does it matter?  It really doesn’t  other than your perspective. It’s really mainly semantics, and preference, but there is one important distinction that I do think matters.


A decision is a confirmation of your choice, or choices.  It was the thing you decided to choose.  So really, there is no decision without first analyzing your choices, or being aware of a choice.

From my perspective, a decision can’t exist without choice.

Choice is the gift. It is about options, freedom, growth and awareness.

It’s where the conscious part of making decisions comes into play.

It is our opportunity to evolve—to experience our peak potential. We reach decisions because we looked at our choices. We don’t necessarily choose based on our decisions. 

Choice is the possibility of greatness—of creating, of growth and learning. 

Choose what feels best. Or decide what feels best, and then do it!