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I know, I know . . . you have tried all the diets, tried all the crazy exercise fads and still your are NOT where you want to be with your health?

Just as anything else in life, the majority of our health is about our choices.

We predominantly CHOOSE our health, or lack thereof. We choose to sit on the couch when a nice walk would be better for us. We choose to eat foods that don’t support our health, rather than ones that TRULY feed us.

And I’m not just talking about nutritional value….. I am also talking about the soul element of your food and the soul element of moving your body.

I am going to be really, really real here and ask you to seriously take a good, hard look at the choices you make with your health. We all have choices when it comes to what we eat, how much we exercise and what kind of thoughts we choose to think about our health, and our bodies.

Choice is a gift and it is power. This power of choice, when we truly acknowledge and appreciate it—can create amazing, monumental shifts in your health.

You can go from unhealthy to healthy by making different choices. It is that simple. I went from eating disorder to exceptionally fit and healthy. I went from never being satisfied with my body to really , finally loving myself.

I want that for you too. If you choose it!  Health is a choice.

If you are ready to step into really making better choices about your health—then I would love to help you on that journey. 

If you are ready to choose abundant health, then get in touch with me via the connect page.

Much love! To your health, wealth and happiness!