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If you didn’t catch a glimpse already—here is the link to my recently featured article in the ever so amazing Elephant Journal. 

It’s aptly called — “Choosing to feel good in the middle of a sh*t storm.”  

Aptly called that—because that is what we do here.

We don’t survive. We thrive. 

We thrive no matter what comes our way + we learn, we grow, we get back to the truth of who we are, underneath whatever armor and self created walls we have created (and lovingly, and innocently, to protect our hearts. 

There is another way.

We can thrive, learn, grow, be vulnerable + feel good doing it

We no longer have to wear that badge of—the ones who struggle and suffer the most win. 

I am seriously tired of this. Seriously tired of some of the greatest minds out there—tooting this horn. 

I will unabashedly state, my dears, my friends, my loves . . . 

We don’t have to struggle, feel like shit, or work our asses off—in order to be happy and feel good. 

We can just simply, right here, right now—choose to feel good and be happy. 

I really do know you can choose this. 

I did. I do. It works. I am free. 

Come along and join the party. The party to feel good, live the life you love—without having to wear the badge of struggle, self sacrifice and hardship.