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My blog—among many other things—is a spiritual blog. 

 It is a blog about living life awake, aware and happy. And about choosing what we love—what lights us up inside. 

And even the word spiritual is so watered down that it doesn’t even come close to what I want to convey.

It isn’t a blog about pushing and struggling to find ones purpose. It is about just being true to you.

About being happy. About enjoying life. It’s about setting all the shoulds, woulds and coulds aside—that have kept so many of us prisoners in our own lives—and getting quiet and really listening to your soul. 

And about knowing that we are never alone—that we always have support from that energy—call it God, Source energy, Guides, Angels, or Peter Pan.

We are not without guidance at each and every moment. 

And the clincher to that is—if we don’t believe it, it probably won’t seem like a truth to us. 

And if we do believe it and have 100% faith that it is true—miracles start to happen.

Then they happen again and again. 

And then miracle become commonplace (but not commonly ordinary or boring of course).

They become reminders of our power, our connection and of our inherent birthright to be loved. 

You are loved at all times—even though it may not seem that way. 

You are protected at all times—even though you have felt abandoned. 

You are never alone and you are never without support. 

Today and every day—let’s choose to enjoy life. To be grateful for any small thing that we can find and then just make that our focus.

And little by little, when you become aware of the power and gift you have in a simple choice to know that there is an energy that ALWAYS has your back—as the saying goes—the world is your oyster.