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I love pictures. They really are worth a thousand words. This picture is one I considered using for The 2 Choices—because to me, it really does a pretty good job of eliciting a response.

One apple is looking good, the other is looking oh, so sad.

One is bright, full of life, healthy and tasty. It’s gonna taste good and most likely, will be an overall good experience.

The other, however, really doesn’t look too appealing. It probably isn’t going to taste that good and may even get you sick. It’s not nice to look at and, well, the one on the left is going to be the most obvious best choice—in most cases.

In most cases, we aren’t going to choose the bad apple. In most cases, if we are concerned with choosing things that support us, feed us and are generally—tasty—then the ripe apple is the obvious choice.

And it’s not just like this when we are choosing fruit.

It’s like this with anything we choose in life. Right down to the people we hang out with, the thoughts we choose to think, and the feelings we choose to feel.

How you experience your life—good apple, or bad apple—is a choice.

And, there will be times, when we choose the bad apple.

Sometimes consciously and other times, because we just don’t know yet— we haven’t had that bad apple experience— so we don’t know it to be a bad apple.

And, that, in and of itself, can be a good thing, that bad apple.

Yes, sometimes the bad apple can be the good apple.

When we choose to learn, grow, become more conscious and aware of just what that bad apple meant to us.

It’s when we don’t learn and continue patterns of “bad apple” behavior and choices—that things can really turn rotten.

So, we can see those rotten apples as great teachers, ready to turn into the compost pile ( to feed and nurture), or feed to the chickens (who will greatly appreciate their rotten-ness) We can use them for good.

And we can turn what appears to be a bad thing—into a great thing.