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Do you sometimes think you are getting clues, messages and signs from the universe, but then doubt yourself and think you’re justIMG_1294 acting crazy, or have an overactive imagination?

Are there times that you find yourself scratching your head a bit and wondering . . .

  • Did I really feel that persons angry energy, or am I imagining it?

  • Did I just see the number 2:22, right after I asked God (spirit, or whatever word you use) for a sign?

  • Am I crazy, or did that song come on the radio right as I was thinking about it?

  • Did I just see an owl fly right in front of me in broad daylight?

Sometimes what most people may see as mere coincidence, to others are clear signs from the universe.

Whether you believe it or not—we all have guides (unseen to most) that are with us throughout our lives.

And our ability to relate and “hear” them depends on our willingness to accept they exist.

Simply, if you don’t believe, you probably won’t see things as signs or messages, but rather you will just see them as mere coincidence and brush it off.

But for those of us who do believe and who do want to facilitate a stronger, more clear relationship with our guides,…..How do we know when we are actually getting signs or if it’s just our imagination?

I guess there isn’t any 100% fool proof way to know the difference, but there are a few tips.

There are 3 ways I know I am getting a clear, direct message from my guides:

  1. I asked for it!  I know its a sign when I have asked my guides for clear direction + then things start popping. The timing is uncanny and the signs are strong.  For example, a personal issue that recently came up in my life was that my husband needed to move cross country for his job. I resisted going on EVERY level and it caused incredible discomfort, I finally saw there was a  growth opportunity in it, released my attachment to it and asked my guides for help.  What unfolded after that was sign after sign after sign. Everything just unfolded easefully for us to make this move. I knew this was my answer.
  2. It feels real, as opposed to fabricated.  I don’t know how else to describe this, other than it just feels authentic. Another example—In the heat of this move and all the emotions that were surrounding it, I was walking through my house and low and behold there was a snake slithering across the floor. NEVER in my 16 years living in this town or this house, have I ever seen a snake indoors. Snake, in animal totem books carries the message of change and clearing old energy. Again, very clear sign.
  3. Numbers and nature. For me, one way I am very clear I am on track or getting clear signs rather than imagining things—are numbers. I have a very strong spiritual connection to numbers (and animals)  and when I am in the zone, or simply dealing with a big life challenge, I get guidance in the form of numbers. For example, the book I wrote, just happened to end on page 222—a very spiritually driven number.  Nature is another very clear way that I know I am receiving clear signs. I feel the most connected when I am nature and always know this is where I can get clear signs.

These things may show up different for you. It could be a certain animal showing up repeatedly, a song, or a recurring dream.

But the key thing is when you get more tuned in (through  meditation, or just being grounded) the signs come through more clearly.

The key is . . .. to be open to receiving. Be open, surrender and breathe.  If you desire this connection and nurture it, you will grow better and better at reading and interpreting the signs.

And does it really matter if it’s a sign or your imagination if it helps you? After all, most incredible things in life, begin with imagining it first.

Much love and enjoy,


ps. And as I looked up at the clock after typing my last word . . .  the time was 10:10! Perfect.