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It’s not enough to just understand the concept of manifesting.


While it may be easy to understand—the hard part can be in the application of it.   It can be exciting when we first learn about manifesting, what it is and what is possible with it. 

But then we think we are doing what we are supposed to—yet the things we want, aren’t  showing up.

Sound familiar?

When I first found out about manifesting, I remember feeling this renewed sense of hope.

I mean, how hard could it be, just feel better and think better thoughts and all the sudden I would have everything I wanted!  It didn’t really turn out that way. Not for me at least.

I dont think it turns out that way for a lot of people, at least at first. Why is that?

Here are some of the biggest reasons why manifesting might not be working out for us:

  • We are attached to the outcome. I know this seems counterintuitive, but it’s a big piece of the manifesting puzzle that is often left out. Attachment is not an expansive, allowing energy. Attachment has a clingy, needy, or negative energy associated with it. You can’t manifest something into your life with an energy of attachment. Rather, choose a joyful, excited, and knowing energy regarding your desire. 
  • We are attached to the timing. We think if they feel super good and think super positive thoughts for one month, after having a primarily negative pattern of thinking and feeling—that the magic should happen anyway. Or, that it should happen right when they want it to happen. Again, that is an attached energy. Most of the times that I have worked really hard at manifesting something, it doesn’t come to me. When I let go of the attachment to the timing, it almost always shows up, in one form or another.
  • We aren’t really being honest about our true thoughts and feelings. This is such a subtle thing, but one of the biggest reasons people don’t experience results with manifesting. You have to get “saint- like” good at really understanding how you think and feel about your desires. This is where the conscious part of the manifesting puzzle comes in. In order to be good at getting what we want in life, be it material, spiritual or emotional, we have to be committed to knowing ourselves. That is the key. Know yourself, be honest about yourself, how you react, and how you really feel, down to every little belief you have. 
  • We aren’t adding action to the equation.  As disappointing as it may be, most of us aren’t going to be able to manifest things out of thin air. Now, that’s not to say you can’t, it’s just not likely, given our years of programing and our belief systems. I do believe our biggest limitations are the thoughts we choose to think. So, if you truly believe you can manifesting things out of thin air, I do believe it’s possible for you.
  • We are confused about the concept of attracting things to us based on our vibration.  Like I said before, it’s not about being fake happy, or feeling good, but with there being guilt underneath that feeling. It takes a bit of pracitce and discernment to get really good at understanding how you truly feel or think about something. We might think we are really positive about a certain topic, but underneath that is a dominant pattern of negative thought. We might have just had it for so long, that we don’t really recognize the effect it is having on our energy.
  • We don’t really think it works! If you don’t think manifesting will work, then it wont work for you. But even if you don’t really feel like it will work, what is the harm in learning to get really good about the energy you put out into the world. The least you will get, is to feel really good and make the world a better place!
  • We aren’t spending enough time really being specific enough about our desire.  It’s super important to be really specific and detailed about what you want.  How will it feel? How will it look? Get detailed. Get into the dream, then let it go. 
  • We are trying to force something to happen. It is not an authentic desire. Again, this goes back to an energy of forcing, not allowing. It is important to distinguish an authentic desire over one that might come from a place of “shoulda, woulda, coulda” energy.
  • We are not consistent enough with our energy. There are too many ups and downs rather than a consistent pattern of thoughts and feelings. Consistency is key.

Manifesting is really about  learning who we are. It’s about really taking a look at our results in life, what we are creating and then being brutally honest about it. But brutal, with love mixed in there!

If we keep creating a pattern, then it’s probably a good idea to take a look at how we might be attracting that situation into our lives. Blaming others  does not work.                                        

Is it always easy? No!  But in my honest opinion, neither is the flip side.

I would rather go through the uncomfortable and awkward experience of finding out why I might be creating something negative in my life, and then transcend and heal that, then continuing to live in the shadows.

No one said the path to becoming the best version of ourselves is always easy, but it does feel good when those life goodies show up. Understanding the concept isn’t enough, if you want real changes—we’ve got to walk our talk.

If you want success, health, prosperity and growth in this life, you need to get dialed in with your manifesting skills—and use them.

Enjoy your day, you evening, your month + your life!  

Please leave a comment and let me know how this is showing up for you in your life right now. Are you off, or on with manifesting? 


Carrie Jolie