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5 misconceptions about manifesting.

The topic of manifesting has been around for a LONG time.
Before authors like Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer brought the concepts of law of attraction mainstream—these ideas could be found sprinkled throughout the Bible, in Buddhist beliefs and in Ancient Egyptian writings.
It’s a topic that has been written and talked about by some of the greatest and most powerful minds of all time—and for good reason.

The idea is—that when you line up you energy with what you desire in life and make a conscious effort to consistently keep your energy aligned with those things—they will appear in your life (manifest).

But have you ever asked for something from the universe and it hasn’t magically show up for you?
Have you read many of these great books, felt pretty certain you’re doing what you’re supposed to—and things haven’t shown up for you?
Law of Attraction (LOA) and manifesting are brilliant tools to help us create a life we love—when they work. But there are several flaws or misconceptions that trip people up when trying to understand and apply manifesting principles.
Here are 5 of those misconceptions—
1.  It’s simple or easy.  When people hear “Ask and it is given”—they think that all they need to do is ask and it is given.  While this is possible, it’s not the norm (otherwise everyone would win the lottery : ) It’s not just about asking. It’s aboutlining up your energy with what you want—and that isn’t always simple or easy.  If you have a lifetime of negative energy about a topic (say creating wealth)—it may take more than just asking to change those ingrained beliefs. We have to combine a shift in our feelings and beliefs about what we desire with the asking.
2. It’s too complicated and requires too much work.  Yes, it can be seen as both oversimplified AND overcomplicated. Most people like the idea of “Ask and it’s given”—because it’s simple. Asking is easy, right? But the truth is—it can get complicated and a little messy when we are trying to rewrite years of messed up programming in our brains. Just as we can get tripped about it being too easy (and give up when it’s not) we can get tripped up on it being too much work. The point is—being aware to not let either excuse hold you back.
3. Focus on the future, not the present.  The key to being successful at manifesting is to learn to keep your primary focus on the NOW.  This trips people up because it seems like the very essence of manifesting is to create something that isn’t here yet—which sort of automatically puts us in the future. But it isn’t about feeling better once we get what we want. It’s about placing the focus on the NOW and feeling good NOW. This is what helps us get in the miracle zone with manifesting.
4. Thinking it’s about the end result.  We almost always associate manifesting with an end result—I will be happier once I get x,y or z. It’s hard not to because that’s sort of why we are doing in in the first place, right? We are working on changing our energy, so we can get something we don’t have . . . an end result. This isn’t the way to look at it though. The key is to be clear about what you want, yes. But then the key is to keep a steady, excited energy in the present moment. The better you get at feeling good NOW, regardless of what’s showing up in your life—the more a magnet you become for your desires.
5. Not enough clear steps and guidance on the “how-to” part of it.Clear, consistent “how-to” steps in regards to manifesting are left out of many of the teachings—or it’s confusing. Simply telling someone to feel good who has been chronically depressed most of their life–won’t help. You need clear guidance and steps and the how-to when you’re dealing with deeply ingrained habits of thinking and feeling.
These 5 misconceptions can get in the way of us learning to create what we want in life with manifesting .
And sometimes by simply understanding the flaws in something—you can gain more clarity about the strengths.
But one thing I want to make SUPER clear is that these “flaws” are really flaws in how we are perceiving manifesting. It’s not that there are flaws in manifesting—there are flaws in how we are relating to and interpreting it.
When you get to the point with manifesting where things just seem to effortlessly fall into place—it really is like living in a magical world. But as with most great things in life—there’s a learning curve.
It requires a bit of work and persistence.
But after awhile, it gets easier.
It becomes more habitual.
And you trade those feelings, thoughts and beliefs that worked against getting what you want—with the new improved versions.
The versions that support your well-being and happiness.
And that’s worth the work, in my opinion!
Your thoughts are the problem . . . and the solution

Your thoughts are the problem . . . and the solution

I just finished reading the most amazing blog post by Danielle LaPorte. She swears, she philosophizes, she speaks her truth from a deep and real place.  quote90_large

Just like I have always wanted to do, but at times felt like . . .

  • I couldn’t
  • I shouldn’t
  • People will think I’m a bitch
  • They will see that I am flawed
  • They will judge me
  • They won’t opt in or I will lose subscribers
  • It will sound too much like bitching and not enough like “spiritual speak”
  • An evolved, spiritual person wouldn’t swear!!
  • Evolved, spiritual people have self control and manners

And blah, blah, blah

You know, some of those things are just downright true, real and valid—and others are just silliness.

Still, our thoughts about ANYTHING (health, wealth, love) impact, guide, direct, shape and mold our reality. Our thoughts really are things and they do have the ability to direct the flow and fabric of our lives. So maybe there is “truth” in a thought, but just because it’s true for you, doesn’t mean it’s true for others.  And just because it’s true for you, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you either.

For example, we can believe it is very true that it’s not right to speak our truth if it could hurt someone else. But really, this is a stodgy old belief. I mean, yes, if your truth is just downright mean, then yah, edit it or tone it down. But if you truth is that it doesn’t feel good when someone gossips all the time or complains about their problems 24/7, then the best thing for you (and them) would be to create a healthy boundary around it and let them know you’re not ok with it anymore.

But sometimes, our thoughts about a situation like that may get in our way because we don’t want to hurt them . . . don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or awkward . . . don’t want to rock the boat . . . don’t want to come across as mean . . . don’t want them to not like us . . . and on and on.

The deal-e-o is—truth is a subjective. Right is subjective. And obviously—thoughts and beliefs are subjective.

If we really want to attack any issue in our lives, it’s critical that we address it first, on the thought level.

Our thoughts have an energy and vibration to them that impacts and influences our outcomes.

So . . . to change the thing, change the thought. And to take it even further—to change the thing, change the feeling.

For the double whammy—change both!

If you really want to get super ninja about feeling alright, feeling badass and just feeling really damn good—then learn to be a master of your thoughts and feelings.

To be the maven or master of your feelings—meditate, pray, forgive, walk in nature, play with your dog, your kids, laugh, smile, eat what you want, exercise, juice fast on occasion, practice feeling good religiously, tap into what it is you are feeling and thinking—get connected to it.

Be aware of how you feel and what you are thinking. Then do it again. And again.

Learn to be an observer of your thoughts. Are they high vibe? Low vibe? Are they mostly negative, judgmental, contradictory to what you want? How does it make you feel to think what you think?

If we are choosy about what we eat, who we hang out with, how we dress, what we read, how we take care of our bodies, then why wouldn’t we be choosy about what we think?

When you choose your thoughts from a place of awareness and consciousness, you pave the way for choosing your life.

It’s not about being perfect or fitting into some preconceived ideal of what it means to be spiritual or evolved . . . but it is about committing to being aware of how you are choosing to feel and what you are choosing to think.

It is about being you, loving you and doing what feels right to you.

It’s NOT about spending your life trying to make everyone else happy, or being overly concerned about what they think about you.

Trust me . . . you won’t succeed at pleasing everyone, so you might as well start with pleasing you.

Choose thoughts that line up with the love you desire, the radiant health you want and the success and abundance you deserve.

Think it and feel it first, then just surrender and allow.

xoo (that’s one kiss and two hugs)


What is “woo-woo” and can it benefit you?


If you Google “woo-woo,” there are actually two different definitions:                                      

An alcoholic beverage made of vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice.Woo-woo

  1. Extraordinary beliefs for which it is felt there is insufficient extraordinary evidence, and people who hold those beliefs.

I am going to be talking about the second definition, although certain days, the first one may not be so bad (if I drank hard alcohol).

Woo-woo,  when referring to  extraordinary beliefs, can include such things as belief in angels, ghosts, energetic healing, new agey type beliefs and anything that is seen as somewhat “fringe.”  By fringe, I mean things that just don’t seem usual or ordinary to you.

The thing about beliefs, practices or modalities  that we may perceive as woo-woo or outside our normal comfort zone of belief, is that they could potentially help us in profound ways if we open our minds to them. Just because something can’t be proved by science, or is different from what you “normally” believe, doesn’t mean it may not have value.

What if it made you healthier, happier, wealthier or more successful? What if making the choice to just try something different resulted in manifesting miracles?

I am not suggesting you force yourself to jump on a plane for Brazil to drink hallucinogenic tea in the rainforest for spiritual healing (as I did way back when . . . long story . . . it’s in  my book!) Or to use eels to cure migraines (ancient Egyptian belief).  I am not talking about doing things that compromise your values, beliefs or happiness!

But I am asking you to consider opening your mind to the possibility of things you may see as “fringe” as just being things you may not understand yet. And choosing to see them with a curious, open mind. 

It could be going out of your comfort zone a bit and trying acupuncture or herbal remedies. It could be using  yoga mantras or meditation for greater awareness and to attract more money. It could be committing to a juice cleanse for 2 days to feel healthier. Or maybe it’s even as simple as considering not judging those who you perceive to have those far out, wacky, fringe beliefs. 

In other words—one person’s weird is another person’s wonderful. One person’s freaky is another person’s fantastic.

What’s the point? Why should you care and why does it matter if you open your mind to woo-woo?

  • Because you don’t know if you don’t try. So, if something you have perceived as weird, has also been ever so gently arousing your curiosity, then check it out! If you are getting a subtle intuitive nudge to try something, then you owe it to your intuition to go there. Even if it ends up not working out, or not feeling right, at least you know.
  • Because what if it just changes your life? What if it’s a healing modality that cures your____? Or a mantra that attracts wealth? Or  that cleanse that makes you feel alive. Or that prayer that ignites your next great idea?
  • Because an open mind, one that is willing to look at other possibilities, is a free mind. We like free.
  • Because then you can have closure on that weird thing you’ve been wanting to try and lay it to rest.

Woo-woo is basically just the unknown to us. If we have an open mind and are curious, then certain things we have labeled as woo-woo may just end up being the missing key to the health we want, the love we crave and the wealth we seek. If we choose to look at it a bit differently, we may just manifest what we’ve been asking for. 

Let me know what you think! Reply to this post and let me know what you have in the past seen as woo-woo, but is now common or useful for you. 

Choose an open mind.

Appreciating you,

Carrie Dale

p.s.  I happen to LOVE extraordinary beliefs! Just that word alone gets me excited and curious!