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The teeter-totter of life

The teeter-totter of life

Do you remember how much fun it was to be on the playground teeter -totter as a kid?

teeter-totterUp and down. Up and down. Up and down. Ahhhhh…….so free, relaxing and FUN!

I LOVED the teeter-totter. It required a partner on the other side that was equally committed and passionate about it, right?

Massive smile on your face and your teeter-totter partner grinning right back at you.  Oh—the simplicity of it all.

But what about as an adult when we find ourselves on the teeter-totter of life?

As an adult, the teeter-totter of life can seem to be a really bummer ride. It can seem, at times, to be really NOT fun, NOT freeing or relaxing.

How does it feel to experience the ups and downs of life?  I mean I know there is a big difference between actually being a playground teeter- totter and dealing with the trials and tribulations of life.

Or is it?  What if we were so masterful with our thoughts and feelings, that we could see the downs of life as not much different than the ups? If we could approach it with a “here I go down again, I know I be headed right back up again” attitude?

I am not suggesting ignoring or minimizing hardships, but I am definitely suggesting to not stay there for long.  Staying focused on the negative, the horrible things, the let downs, the bummers, the hurts and the sorrows, will NOT get you to your ideal health, wealth, love or nirvana. The longer you stay focused on the down things, the longer it will take to get back to the up times.

Choose to see the gift in the downs, just as much as the ups. Choose to allow the realness of what’s happening, but don’t stay attached to it. Choose to create a vision or intention of how exactly you want the situation to be, not how it actually is. Yes, VISUALIZE.  I know we have heard this a gazillion times, but we forget! We get lazy! We fall into old patterns and habits.

Guess what? If you really want something to shift in your life, you’ve got to start tweaking some things here and there. It’s not hard—stop repeating that story. It’s what you make it. It’s simple if that’s what you choose it to be. It just takes the doing of it, the seeing of it and the allowing of it.

As I always say, it’s your choice. Ride the teeter-totter of life with the unbridled enthusiasm and innocence of a kid— even the bumpy rides.

Choose to experience it as one, fun, freeing and potentially expansive ride.