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Transformational life experiences… to have more of them

Transformational life experiences… to have more of them

Hello, Bonjour, Ciao!


I returned two weeks ago from a very transformational trip to Italy and France. It was profound on so many levels.

It has always been my dream to travel, but I had created more reasons why I couldn’t than why I could. A few of those excuses (and some very valid, of course) were:

  • I have kids, so it’s selfish to travel without them.
  • I have a husband who works hard, so that’s not fair to him.
  • I have too many other responsibilities, so I shouldn’t.
  • I just don’t have time or money.

Can you relate to these?

The dominant theme being guilt for taking time to engage in things I LOVE. It’s called the guilt box.

Go there often? Or how about the envy box? And then there is the “I don’t have enough time, money, etc.” box.

We box oursleves into a reality that we don’t really love and wonder why we are anxious, unhappy and don’t have the results we desire.

Do you find ways to block out what it is that you desire by creating excuses (and I know, some are really good and valid!) to having what you want in life, exactly what you want?

As the concept goes, if you want to change your life, you need to change your perceptions of your reality—or at least change your perception about the ability you have to impact it.

The truth is, we really are WAY more powerful creators than we give ourselves credit for. We really CAN impact the direction of our lives. With our choices, our thoughts, our feelings and our actions.

Here are a few “choice” ways you can point yourself in the direction of having more transformational life experiences:

  • Create a vision board of your dream life—the car, the partner, the house, the travel, the way it feels, words or pictures that help explain how exactly it will FEEL to live that way. Don’t hold back! Full throttle here.
  • Journal about it. Write it down. There is something that happens when you commit to writing it down. You have to at least be that committed to it. Otherwise, the real problem is you just don’t want it badly enough. Start by being very specific about what you desire.
  • Surround yourself with other people who have similar interests or desires. Dream together!
  • Become dedicated to reading more books about manifesting, and stay plugged into the concepts. I would recommend anything by Abraham-Hicks.  Also, I will be creating a new course (that is short + sweet, which is what I like!) about making manifesting a part of our daily lives.
  • Feel good. Think good thoughts. Do things that make your heart sing. Do things that turn you on and light your fire. When you are in this zone, you are in the manifesting zone.

All of these things are choices. I always (ish) bring my messages to you back to the word choice. What you choose, or do not choose, is what makes up your life. If you want a different reality, you have to make different choices. And, more specifically, it’s about making different choices with your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.

Let me know about your life transformations. Let me know what shifted for you, how you did it and what has or has not worked for you. Leave a comment below or share on social media. I appreciate you spreading the word, sharing your life experience and joining in the movement to be dialed in choice makers and happy, happy people.

Lots of love,