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Manifesting . . . what it is, what it isn’t.

I love manifesting.

I am a manifesting practitioner, believer, teacher + student.

What is manifesting, anyway? 

It depends on who you ask. There are a lot of different definitions and perceptions about manifesting. 

But in general, the idea of manifesting is about lining up our energy so that we are a vibrational match to what we want.

It is an allowing of the things we want in our life by having our primary thoughts and feelings about those wanted things, consist of mainly good feelings, positive feelings, hopes and expectations. 

The thing that prevents us from getting what we want are our beliefs, our feelings and our thoughts. I know this triggers a lot of people and there are subtleties and nuances that go beyond this post, but this is the basic foundation of the concept.

You get what you think about. You get what you primarily feel.

It is universal law.

We want to be healthy—we think healthy thoughts. We want a new iPhone 5—we imagine how awesome that would feel. We want to manifest wealth—we live as if it already existed for us. We want six pack abs—we want to manifest health—we see it.  We want lower taxes—we believe it (this is one I am working on!) We want to manifest love + success. We envision it.

If it is too challenging to feel those things based on deeply ingrained beliefs, patterns and habits, then we just get practiced on always trying to find a little better feeling about it. In other words, you might not go from a poverty mindset to knowing, believing  and living as if you will have a billion dollars tomorrow. Is it possible? Yes!

It’s possible to grow a third arm, but not for most( and why would you want one? I mean, where would you put it? Not a good visual….)

The idea is that if you have an underlying belief that you will never have money, you probably will never have much money. Or, if you do, you will somehow sabotage it with underlying negative beliefs.

You want to start with baby steps, so you don’t jump straight to frustration with the art of manifesting. I say “art” because it is.

It is creative in that it does require a dash of dreaming, artsy-farsty-ness, creative spirit and a dash of inspired action and get-it-done-ness.

Manifesting is not about wishing for a pot of gold and then **POOF**—having it appear out of nowhere. Could it happen? Yes! Is it likely based on the “realities” we have been taught since we were little kids? NO. There are reasons that we don’t get instant manifestation and there are reasons we don’t get things that we think we want, that we think we are energetically lined up with.

This is the next level of manifesting—where you take if from Manifesting 101 to Manifesting Mastery. 

Stay tuned.

Manifesting is about allowing the truth of who you are (that “conscious authentic self”) to shine, to lead, to know and to allow all the sweet goodies that are divinely yours.

And to be a happy, happy human.


Carrie Jolie Dale

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