How traveling can change us.

How traveling can change us.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

—Saint Augustine

I love to travel.  I REALLY love to travel. 

My first “big” travel experience was to the south of France when I was 16 years old. It was a high school foreign exchange program that was offered through my French class. When my teacher announced the trip—I couldn’t raise my hand fast enough or fill out the forms soon enough. 

It changed my life forever and would begin a love affair with France (and traveling overall) that continues today. 

What is it about taking a trip that changes us?

What is it about being in a new place, where a different language is spoken, different foods are eaten and different traditions are observed that is so incredible?

I think it can be different things, for different people, but generally, I think traveling has the ability to change us (in good ways) because it—

  • Opens our minds to new things, new foods, new ways of living and new experiences.
  • Helps us to more clearly identify what we like and don’t like in life.
  • Helps break down cultural barriers or preconceived stereotypes about different cultures, people or lifestyles. 

And these things matter now more than EVER right now. 

We are in an intense time right now. There is a lot of dark energy that is begging to be healed, shed and shifted. 

In this time when there are things happening in our country and world that can divide us and fill us with so much fear that we never want to leave our homes—it’s more important than ever to find a way to bring peace back into our hearts and let love rule over fear. 

Many of my friends and family asked if I was nervous about traveling to France right now with all the recent terrorists attacks and my answer was  NO. 

I won’t let dark energy win over the light. 

And in less “woo-woo” words—I won’t stop doing what I love because of other peoples actions. I won’t stop living. I won’t hide. 

And I most definitely won’t let hatred win. 

If there is any kind of war worth fighting right now—it’s the war of our thoughts, beliefs and energy. 

Fight to feel good, to be a beacon of love and to travel ANYWHERE your heart desires. 

How does traveling change us? It gives us the opportunity to see the world more clearly. It can help us to be more understanding, more forgiving and less judgmental. It can open our eyes, our minds and our hearts. 

And as always—those things are choices—our choices. 

Let’s choose wisely. 



p.s. Interested in learning more specific ways that traveling is good for us? Check out this in depth article in Positive Health Wellness about the direct link between our health and traveling.


Should You Hire a Coach or Mentor?

Absolutely!  Yes!  Oui!!

Having a coach or mentor is the best way to increase your results in any aspect of your life or business.

They can keep you accountable.

They can keep you on track.                     

They can teach you things you didn’t know about yourself.

They can help you see things that you can’t.

They can teach you how to do it right the first time.

They can help you grow into the best version of you.

Finding a good mentor or coach is critical when you are looking to step into a new place of passion + power in your life.

When looking for someone to coach or mentor with, consider these things:

  • What are your needs?
  • What exactly do you want to accomplish with this coach?
  • Be specific. The universe LOVES specifics. If you want specific back, be detailed and specific. If you want vague, be vague.
  • Create an exact list of tangible things you desire-more clients, a certain amount of money per month, branding, SEO, website stuff, time management or to get another perspective on your life + your business.
  • Create a list of intangible, spiritual or personal things you’d like to get out of a coaching or mentoring relationship-more confidence, greater connection to your truth, your purpose, healing old wounds and getting out of victim and/or excuse mode, more joy.
  • Do you enjoy their vibe? Their energy? What they write about, blog about?
  • If you are a “touchy feely “ person, try to go see them in person and see if it feels like there is an energetic match.
  • Meditate about it.
  • Ask God, or your higher power.
  • Listen to your gut and/or intuition.
  • Show me the money!  Find out what it costs, what you are willing to spend, them multiply that times two. Seriously. Investing in myself was the best thing I have ever done . . . but gotta find the right coach/mentor first.

I saved the money one for last because it is the biggest trigger for most people. 

 Here is the deal. If you invest in your self—and not just $100 an hour—but invest to that point that it challenges you. It feels like a bit of a stretch.

It challenges you for a reason. 

If you want to have a financial breakthroughs, then start by investing more than you normally would on yourself.  It’s called a breakthrough because it is a change, a stretch, growth and a new way of thinking.


Or, as Tina Fey says . . .                          tina-fey

I invested about six times what I felt comfortable with and I have the reaped the rewards time and time over. My ROI was worth it, and then some.

How would it feel to invest $5000 in your personal growth? $10,000? $100,000? What would you expect of  yourself? How would you utilize that time? Would you skip assignments or be late to coaching calls? 

Doubt it.

When you really, truly, 110%, black and white, no holding back commit to yourself, your dreams, your truth and your inner fire—it will show up.

When you ask, and line up your energy, magic happens, doors open, opportunities abound.

There are ways to really get dialed in with manifesting like a ninja master that can speed up that process. I can help with that. I am a manifesting coach and a real life manifesting success story.

Enough about me.

You. Get a coach(that’s not an order even thought it sounds bossy). Invest in you. Live your dreams.

Be super happy.  Choose you.

It’s like that.


Carrie Jolie Dale

 p.s. The picture above is my coach, Tara Marino and I at her event in San Diego. 







How to Improve Your Life—Choice by Choice.

Sometimes it’s just remembering the little things, in the moment, that can have the biggest impact on our lives.

One thing has been really helpful for me is to remember to keep it simple. One thing at a time. Choice by choice we can make little improvements in our lives and businesses until one day, we look up and we are light years from where we first started.

But you have to start. As the saying goes, Just Do It.

Things wont improve for you unless you make a conscious choice to do so. It doesn’t mean you have to tackle every single thing right now. We want to stay out of overwhelm and into joy and pleasure.

I’m talking about improving your life bit by bit by CHOOSING different thoughts or feelings in the moment.

Eventually, you will raise your energy + vibration by allowing more of the “good” in and not giving energy to the “bad.”

Practice this for a little while and see what happens for you.

I am hoping you too, will see that the better it gets, the better it gets.




Journaling is the best self-help

Journaling has up-leveled my life. Taking the time to write—on paper, not computer—is therapeutic, relaxing and enlightening.

journal-self-helpIt’s one of the best forms of self-help. It can assist us in getting more laser focused with our health, prosperity, relationships and career.

The act of writing engages the left brain, while allowing the right brain to create, flow, and access intuition. In short, it allows a connection to and a deepening of our creative, intuitive selves.

And why does that matter?

Getting in tune with our intuition and strengthening that part of us, is one of the biggest keys to being dialed in with personal growth, self-help and manifesting.

It’s the bees knees. It’s a way to increase your mojo, your moxy and your ninja manifesting powers.

Or at least its a start to getting to know yourself a bit better. A change to reconnect with your dreams, desires and your most innermost truth.

If you choose it.

Benefits of journaling include: Stress reduction, clarity around our thoughts + feelings, increased problem solving skills, knowing yourself on a more intimate level, increase in your productivity due to clear intentions + goals, elevated sense of purpose and direction, and an improvement in relationships due to more clarity about self + desires.

Those are just a few. For me personally, journaling consistently has really gotten me in touch with being a ninja at manifesting. There is something magical that happens when you put it on paper.

Plus, it saves me loads of time because I no longer have to read every self-help book on the market and my therapist gets a break (haha)

So, choose to journal! Do this for you, be patient and watch the magic happen for you too. I know its a small, simple little thing, but those are generally the things that matter most.

If that doesn’t ring true for you, then just choose something that does. Your choices=your life. Choose wisely!