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How to Overcome the “Not-Enough” Voice

How to Overcome the “Not-Enough” Voice

Ever feel like there is just not enough to go around? Or that there are already enough people doing what you love, so what’s the point? Or that you just don’t have what it takes?


For me, when I started coaching, consulting and writing—I felt like I was drowning in a sea of amazing coaches, entrepreneurs + online experts.

I was like “ what the heck (stronger adjective) how can I compete with these amazing, established entrepreneurs?”

I should just give up.  That’s what I started feeling like.

Can you relate?

Ever think that there just isn’t enough to go around? Like there are too many successful people in your area of expertise, you are too far behind, there aren’t enough client, time, money or resources?

I feel ya! I was there many times and thank goodness, I didn’t give into that pesky little voice of self –sabotage.

Don’t give up.

Guess what? Not feeling good enough is one of the most common feelings—it’s like a plague.  And it doesn’t just magically go away when you have money, success + love. I have had numerous conversations with very successful entrepreneurs and coaches and they all say they still have this “not good enough” feeling creep in on occasion.

When that thought come up, here is what you do:

  • Slap yourself! What the heck? You are amazing, aren’t you? Then stop it! Stop beating yourself up (ok, don’t slap yourself)
  • Now give yourself a big hug for just recognizing that you feel this way. Seeing it and acknowledging it, is the first step in handling this little monster of self-doubt.
  • Sit down and give yourself the gift of uninterrupted quiet space—no computer, e-mail, iPhone, kids, etc. Take 5 for you.
  • Now make a list of your accomplishments. I know it seems simple and kind of weird, but do it anyway.  Take some time to appreciate all the hings you have accomplished.
  • See your strengths.  Give yourself a little pat on the back.
  • Make a commitment to NOT allowing this voice of self-doubt and “not enough-ness” to run you.  Eyes on the prize.
  • Make a list of things you can do that make you feel good, expansive and abundant.
  • Choose to see all the abundance in the world. That there is enough for everyone and that you have something unique to offer the world. It’s in there.

Choice du jour:

“ I choose to release this voice of self doubt that tells me I am not enough and there is not enough to go around. The world is abundant. I am abundant. I allow all that is to manifest to me now.”


Carrie Jolie Dale

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