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What I discovered while sitting on the beach for 9 days.

What I discovered while sitting on the beach for 9 days.

What did I discover from sitting on the beach for 9 days? 

Mainly, I learned that I like sitting on the beach for 9 days! Who doesn’t, right? 

But it certainly didn’t start out that way.

I was checking my phone, fidgeting and generally struggling to relax.  

I was also REALLY judging that guy with the selfie pole. Who created this? Lord help us. 

It honestly took me about 3 days to settle into vacation mode and allow my body, mind and spirit unwind a bit. 

And it got me thinking . . . I think for most of us, it can be a challenge to settle into vacation mode when we spend most our time in “get it done” mode. 

So it’s critical that we learn ways to drop in FASTER, so we can enjoy MORE and stress LESS. 


Here is a quickie list for learning to quiet your mind and settle into vacation mode quicker, faster and more efficiently—

  1. The week before you leave for vacation—plan on getting through your to-do list at least 2 days early. This was you won’t feel rushed to the finish line (departure date)
  2. Print out all your travel stuff, itineraries, places to eat, etc.. at least 2 days before you go. The goal is to really get all loose ends tied up 2 days before you leave, so the two days before you leave, you can calmly and enjoyably pack and take care of any last minute things that didn’t get done from the to do list. 
  3. Set an intention for you trip. Don’t just wing it. Why are you going? What’s the main pull? Set an intention for smooth travel, enjoyable people sitting next to you on the plane (one can dream). Pre-pave your vacation as being super relaxing even before you arrive. 
  4. Once you arrive at your destination, unplug. You will survive if you don’t check Facebook and Instagram for a week. You will live. If you can’t totally unplug (oh,come on, just do it) then make a commitment to yourself to only check in once a day. Really, unplug. 
  5. LET IT GO. Have fun, unwind. Be present. Let go of your concerns and fully immerse yourself into where you are at—if it’s the beach, get in the water, try something new, order drinks with cute umbrellas. If you’re in Europe, don’t be a stodgy American—try the food, attempt to learn the language, see the sites, be patient and enjoy the culture. Wherever your travels take  you, make a sincere effort to BE PRESENT and enjoy the experience. 

The main thing to remember is—what’s the point in taking all the time, spending all the money, if you’re just going to be taking pictures with your selfie pole the entire time, or staring at your phone?

The purpose of getting away—is to get away. It’s to drop into a new experience, do something different and let our minds relax. Because in that, we get inspired. We grow. We make room for the next big thing in our lives. 

So go take a trip.

Get to know new people. Try some weird food and learn how to say thank you in a new language. 

Get out there an explore. And chill out and be a nice, patient, conscious  traveler when you’re doing it. 

Bon voyage!


p.s.  In the 2 choices world—you are either doing things that line you up with living an amazing life, or you are choosing things that keep you separate from that. And it ultimately comes down to learning how to manage your thoughts and feelings. To learn more about the 2 choices, check out my book on Amazon. And choose wisely! 

Freaking out about something? Do this instead . . .

Freaking out about something? Do this instead . . .

Freaking out isn’t an energy or vibration that you want to hold onto for very long.

Freaking out can be:                Picture 2

  • Obsessing about a future event.
  • Not letting go of a negative past event.
  • Reacting to situations or people in a less than savory way (you are being a reactive meany pants)
  • Letting your thoughts and feelings rule you.
  • Repeating the same patterns in your life that keep you stuck, resentful, upset, worried or any other emotion that is holing you back.
  • Turning to unhealthy ways of coping like drinking, binge eating or other behaviors that are self harming.

So, freaking out really doesn’t mean you are screaming at the top of your lungs at someone or flipping them off when they don’t use their turn signals.

It can be little ways that you sabotage your inherent power by choosing to stay stuck in ways of being in the world that don’t truly serve you. Let’s just say freaking out can mean holding yourself back by choosing, either consciously or unconsciously, things that prevent you from living the life you really want to live.

Do these following things instead, when you feel yourself starting to freak out a little bit or when you notice that things aren’t changing for you, or the same bad shit happens over and over again.

  • Instead of going into, “But I am right, why are these people so incompetent, slow, lame, asleep, mean—choose to have your moment to feel irritated, upset, let down and pissed off and then move off that feeling and choose one that feels better. Even if it’s just an eensie-weensie bit better, choose to find a feeling/thought that is an increase in vibration from where you currently were.
  • Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.  There is nothing like taking time to breathe and slow things down to bring us back into alignment with what it is we truly desire and to put things all in perspective.
  • Exercise, move your body, dance, do yoga, get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Exercise works. It’s an instant mood shifter.
  • Listen to some of your favorite music, sing, dance, work it out.
  • Give yourself a few minutes to let it out . . . do allow a bit of the freak out–out. Let the energy of what you are feeling to be felt. Feel it, then let it go.
  • Laugh. Go see funny movie, or read something that makes you laugh.
  • Smile. Just practice smiling more. It’s a proven fact that making an effort to smile more throughout the day, shifts your mood.
  • Breathe. I know I already listed this, but this is the one that is so simple and has the biggest impact.  When you wanna freak, stop and breathe. Breathe into the frustration, the annoyance, the rage, the entitlement, the disappointment. Breathe and then become committed to breathing more, deeper and more consciously. This, above anything else, is the key to shifting a freak out sesh.

How we react, how we feel and what we think are all choices. And our choices are essentially our vibration, and our vibration is what we consciously, or unconsciously are attracting back to us.

So, freak less and choose to vibrate at a level which feels good. Choose energy that says yes to love, healing, abundance, joy, peace, harmony and lots of goodness.