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Ahhh . . . sweet, sweet summer!

Barefoot. Bathing suit (or birthday suit). Lazy, long evenings. 

Walks along the river. Camping. BBQ’s with friends. Sundresses. Sand between your toes.

I LOVE summer!  

But what about work? What about your business, your list building, your tele-seminars? Your new program?

You can fully ENJOY summer, or any time of the year for that matter and also get your biz handled.

Simple ways to get it all done and still be barefoot, beautiful and abundant.

  • Breathe. Do it. Not breathing is a real big problem.
  • Breathe some more and then turn that into focused meditation for at least 15 minutes a day.
  • Get some sleep—at least 8 hours a night. I’m serious. This is a massive anti-aging secret. Sleep.
  • Get some nature. Earth momma is grounding, healing, transforming and uplifting. Sink your toes in the dirt, swim in a river, hug a tree. Love mother earth.
  •  Make it about getting into the mindset of enjoying MORE. Whatever it is you are doing. Practice the art of true enjoying in each and every moment. It will make you more productive when the DOING part of your life needs doing.
  • Create a do-able list. Not the list that overwhelms. The list that you know, in your heart of hearts—you CAN get done without sacrificing pleasure while doing it.
  • Give yourself a hug and celebrate your wins. Celebrate that you love yourself enough to take more time to slow down, read, hug a tree, love your family and friends, allow your truth to come through bit by bit, choice by choice.
  • Release the manic “having to get it all done and catch up with everyone else” syndrome. Those people aren’t happy. Be happy.

I invite you to enjoy summer with me. As with all of it and like I always say—it’s your choice.

In love, barefooted-ness and lightheartedness.