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The 7 day countdown . . .

Holy smokes people, The 2 Choices will be available next week. Yippee!  Yahoo! Woohoo!  Heck yah!  About time!         Dale_TwoChoices_prf5a_blue

The process of writing this book was a step into more of the truth of who I am—not just me, Carrie Jolie Dale, but ME— the soul who came here to experience the fullness, the beauty and the true splendor of life.

The ME who came here to grow, to live, to surrender, to push through doubt and fear, to feel what it feels like to stretch beyond what I think I can do and go to places I never thought I could.

Will my book change history? Mmmmm,  maybe not.  But that would be super cool!

But what it will do is place another little ray o’sunshine in the world because another little soul here answered the call of her soul (that would be me).

I followed my truth, believed and I surrendered.

I believed, even when I wanted to quit, to throw in the towel and give up.  Because, the truth is, it wasn’t easy. It was hard. There were days I wanted to sit under a tree and watch bugs rather than sit, write and figure out marketing, font styles, cover designs and networking.

And what I want you to know, and what I want to impress on you very, very strongly, is that it feels SO GOOD to be (almost) on the other side of this journey.

I want to simply be a reminder, a gentle nudge, a pleasant suggestion or a strong, firm voice in your head—that you can do it.

You can write your book, paint you masterpiece, forgive that person, lose that weight, eat that cake (a little dorky rhyme there) and you can be you, simply YOU….and that’s all that is required to live an outstanding life.

Is it always easy to be truly who we are? No. Will people be angry at you for stepping into your truth? Maybe.

But when we are beacons of light for our truths, it feels better.  Plus, when we allow our brilliance to shine, it reminds others that they can too!

Be you. Choose you. Choose that thing that lights you up. Choose to do that thing, say that thing, go to that place. Choose to let go of what doesn’t feed and nurture your soul and walk gently and so knowingly into the YOU that you are here to be.

Choose you.



p.s  Oh, the book launch. You can buy the book next Thursday! I will send more details as the day approaches, but what would be so cool and uber appreciated is if you could spread the word, the gospel, share the love and let everyone you know that you think may like this book, to buy the book on July 31st!