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It’s not about being perfect

It’s not about being perfect

CarrieDale1I was recently interviewed by Julie with Live Vibrantly Today. I LOVED chatting with her and wasn’t the least bit nervous. I felt completely relaxed and really in the moment.  

But I noticed things that I was doing during the interview, that I will definitely do differently next time.  One thing I noticed was that I blinked too often and I licked my lips too much!  Yikes!

So, why am I posting this video of my rapid eye blinking and lip licking???  Because it’s ok!

It’s ok to mess up, to make mistakes and look silly when we are putting ourselves out there and stepping into new things.

Five year ago, I would have NEVER posted this video and I would have picked myself apart to no end.  What I got out of this experience was amazing on so many levels. I truly loved connecting with Julie, speaking my truth and talking about something very dear to my heart . . . manifesting and conscious choices.

I guess I just got so wrapped up in the moment that licking my lips and blinking were a side effect of my excitement!!

And here’s the deal—just do what you love. Don’t worry about being perfect and definitely don’t worry about what other people will think. This is YOUR life. Do what you want, dream your dreams, be goofy, make mistakes and just stay weird.

Or stay normal . . . whatever floats your boat. Because at the end ot the day, it won’t be so much about what others thought about you, it will be how you feel about you. 

Do what makes you feel good. Do what makes your heart sing. Do what will leave you feeling like your life mattered. 

Choose you. And from that, you will choose others, choose connection, choose community, choose service, and choose living a life well worth living.

Make weird videos. Learn. Grow. And hey, don’t beat yourself up if it’s not perfect. Who cares?

Laugh and move on.

Enjoy and share this with others please! 






Journaling is the best self-help

Journaling has up-leveled my life. Taking the time to write—on paper, not computer—is therapeutic, relaxing and enlightening.

journal-self-helpIt’s one of the best forms of self-help. It can assist us in getting more laser focused with our health, prosperity, relationships and career.

The act of writing engages the left brain, while allowing the right brain to create, flow, and access intuition. In short, it allows a connection to and a deepening of our creative, intuitive selves.

And why does that matter?

Getting in tune with our intuition and strengthening that part of us, is one of the biggest keys to being dialed in with personal growth, self-help and manifesting.

It’s the bees knees. It’s a way to increase your mojo, your moxy and your ninja manifesting powers.

Or at least its a start to getting to know yourself a bit better. A change to reconnect with your dreams, desires and your most innermost truth.

If you choose it.

Benefits of journaling include: Stress reduction, clarity around our thoughts + feelings, increased problem solving skills, knowing yourself on a more intimate level, increase in your productivity due to clear intentions + goals, elevated sense of purpose and direction, and an improvement in relationships due to more clarity about self + desires.

Those are just a few. For me personally, journaling consistently has really gotten me in touch with being a ninja at manifesting. There is something magical that happens when you put it on paper.

Plus, it saves me loads of time because I no longer have to read every self-help book on the market and my therapist gets a break (haha)

So, choose to journal! Do this for you, be patient and watch the magic happen for you too. I know its a small, simple little thing, but those are generally the things that matter most.

If that doesn’t ring true for you, then just choose something that does. Your choices=your life. Choose wisely!