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Ever want something that ended up being a VERY bad idea in the long run? 

I have.  Juuuuust a couple of times (wink, wink).

There was a time when I thought lots of vodka was a good idea. Dancing for dollars seemed perfectly fine at one point in my life (why not? I mean at age 22 that meant—$$$$, minimal clothing + vodka). Driving fast was a passion of mine. Then of course, there were those relationships that were destined to fail from the get-go.

And in hindsight—not such wildly great ideas. 

Yes, yes, yes—I get that our mistakes can be great teachers. And that sometimes our greatest life lessons come out of our struggles.  But can you relate to wanting less struggles and more victories? 

No one needs more struggles.  Not-a-one-of-us. 

The art of knowing what you want and desire is a critical piece of the happiness puzzle (and success, health, wealth puzzle as well).

And sadly—many of us may think we know what we want, when we really aren’t clear (or are hugely misguided about wanting things that are NOT GOOD for us).  In addition, most of us simply aren’t taught how to find out what truly lights us up and makes us happy to jump out of bed in the morning.

So how do we get there?  How the heck do we really know what we want and if it’s good for us? 

Knowing what you want requires awareness, commitment and self-exploration (brace yourself . . . . here comes the self-helpy part!) 

It requires you ask a few critical questions—

  • Do you currently feel happy with your life? And not just a superficial happiness, but a real, true inner happiness. It’s a feeling and sense of being connected to something that really lights you up and makes you feel alive. 
  • If you were on your death bed would you have regrets?(I know, it’s a bit dreary, but it is also one of the most efficient ways to get an honest answer.) Things you wished you would have done more of? Less of? The best way to discover if you are living a life in alignment with what you want—is to think of how you might feel if you knew your days were numbered.
  • What are you tolerating in your life? In other words, what things are you doing that you really don’t want to do. What feels more like a “have to” rather than a want to? Sure someone has to scrub the toilet and take out the trash, but I am talking about bigger life things—our careers, our relationships, the overall state of our well-being. What are you tolerating that really is energetically holding you back from being an energetic match to what you want?  If you are tolerating many things, you are NOT in an energy of allowing.

Asking these few questions, can get you a bit more on track to really knowing what you want in your life. These are the first steps. 

And to stay true to you desires, you must stay accountable to them. 

Try the following to stay dialed into your desires and to stay true to them.  

  • Create a yearly, month and weekly calendar which addressees your desires. What do you want to accomplish, what do you want to acquire, how do you want to feel? Be specific, or just have a general them for the month or year. Create something that works for  you!  For example, I have a theme for the year and I create a theme for each month. I also start each day with a ” today I choose________” statement.   That way I am setting the tone for the day. I am making a choice to feel, happy, content, joyful, content, etc….
  • Aside from the practical “to-do” items,  a critical piece to getting clear about your desires is quiet time to reflect. You can get a crystal clear vision of your desires when your life feels frantic, chaotic, loud and busy. Take time to walk, quiet the mind, mediate for 10 minutes a day and get out in nature. Do those things that help you slow down, get clear and centered. From this grounded place, your true, healthy desires will shine through. 
  • Stay accountable. No one is going to do this for you. Your choices= your life. Choose to do the same things you have always done and nothing will change. Choose to step out of your comfy zone, make minor changes and reap huge rewards in the long run. 

The art of knowing what you want is another layer of awareness. It’s a practice in slowing down, getting quiet and really listening to what your soul wants. 

Knowing what you want is power. It’s the launching pad to increased intuition, a miracle mindset and elevated manifesting abilities (and this is when it gets super fun!)

And trust, me—it’s just way better than a life of chaos + bad choices.  


Big blessings,