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It might not seem like a choice, but it is!  Being indecisive it just as much of a choice as is being decisive.

Know what I mean?

We often go unconscious to the fact that we are choosing things in our life.

No one forces us to feel hurt, angry, upset—or any emotion for that matter.

So much of the time, habits and old patterns of “being”  just seem to overtake us and it almost does not seem like a choice at that point. It just seems like fact…unavoidable reality.   That is the trap!

We sometimes get on autopilot and forget that we do have a choice in how we direct our lives. We have a choice in how we feel, what we think and how we react. This is our point of power.

When we can actively observe ourselves making a choice that does not feed us, assist us in becoming  ”better” or somehow move us along on our road to bliss and well-being, then it is a choice we might want to consider NOT making anymore.

So if you are feeling something that you don’t enjoy . . . Stop that!

Choose something that feels better.

When you get practiced at this, it is  key to being able to manifest anything you want—well, virtually anything (more on this in another post).

Having the ability to choose one thing over another is a huge, huge gift in life. Being conscious and aware of of this, is the icing on the cake.

When we cease to have choice, or feel that we don’t have a choice, we cease to feel free. 

Choose to remember and appreciate the gift and power of choice. It is our freedom, our power and our paint brush and canvas. 

Choose to create your masterpiece.