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My book, The 2 Choices

The 2 Choices was my “if not now, then when?” moment.  

I knew I wanted to write this book, but  . . . LIFE.  

Life was busy.  But I knew I needed to follow through. I had 2 choices—to do the damn thing, or find a million excuses why I couldn’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t. 

We all have 2 choices, even though it seems like there are millions. We have 2 that we can narrow it down to—the one that gets us closer to our dreams, our happy place and our sense of satisfaction in life, or the one that keeps taking us further away from those things. 

What’s your “if not now, then when?” thing?

Maybe it’s writing a book.

Maybe it’s leaving a soul-sucking job. 

Maybe it’s being healthier, happier and feeling more ALIVE. 

Whatever it is—I think this book can help shed a bit more light on the why’s, the how’s and the what’s of it all. 

The 2  Choices is a spiritual life preserver for those who have been drowning in a sea of self-help, and personal transformation books, programs and retreats, but still haven’t found what they are looking for.

It’s for the soul seekers, the rebels, the heart-focused entrepreneurs, and anyone wanting to simplify the quest to create an energetically rich life. 

The 2 Choices is live and back on Amazon after a little cover makeover and a few interior changes.

Get a copy on Amazon by clicking here 

Love notes.  

The Two Choices is engaging, heartfelt and inspirational, and is a great reminder that we can manifest happiness, connection and purpose in our lives just by simply choosing it. A must read!”

Christy Whitman

New York Times bestselling author and Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach

The 2 Choices is honest, real and tangible enough for common consumption. Carrie  points out with clarity that everything truly is a choice. No matter what happens in life, we always have the freedom to choose how we will experience it, which makes all the difference. Choosing love over fear creates miracles in such a profound way that hope and faith are literally transformed into absolute trust. A must read for anyone who knows deep down they are powerful enough to find their own answers.”

Jeffery C. Olsen

Bestselling author of I Knew Their Hearts

“A delightful departure from your typical self-help read! Carrie writes with a ‘Bridget Jones-esque’ flair as she shares her journey of finding her own self-truths. I could not put this book down and now am wondering how I can get more Carrie Dale in my head and my heart. Thank YOU Carrie!”

Katie Kelley

Author, Speaker and Mentor at Katie Kelley Networks

“Carrie Jolie Dale cuts through the spiritual smog that is peppering so much of the self-help scene today—to give a wildly honest, revealing and cut-to-the-chase account of her own awakening. Her message is firmly rooted in the awareness that you are your own guru—there is none above you—and she has a fierce call for us all to embrace this truth within ourselves. Her story is infused with essential life wisdom and is sure to both entertain and inspire.”

KC Baker

Speaking Trainer and Two-Time Tedx Speaker

“For the woman (or man) who wants it straight and is ready for the REAL deal—The 2 Choices provides a refreshing and powerful view of our power and our ability to create not only WHAT we want but HOW we want it. You will laugh, cry and nod your head repeatedly as Carrie shares with you her real encounter of The 2 Choices. This book is an incredible tribute to truth and will gift those who dare exactly what they have been looking for all along. Bravo, Carrie!”

Tara Marino

Fashion Designer,

The 2 Choices offers you a fresh perspective on the topic of finding happiness and living your truth. Carrie Jolie Dale gives you a simple way to get back on track and feel good no matter what life throws at you.”

Marci Shimoff

New York Times bestselling author of Happy For No Reason

“Life is a puzzle. Yet no one gave us the top of the box with the picture of what the final picture looks like. We have to discover that on our own. And it all comes down to the choices you make. In her engaging and well-written book, The 2 Choices, Carrie Dale has provided a clear road map to making the choices that will help.

Chris Attwood

Co-Author of the New York Times bestseller, The Passion Test

“Carrie Jolie Dale’s book The 2 Choices breaks down Law of Attraction and the mysterious world of “manifesting” into two simple choices we can make in any moment. Entertaining to read (I surprised myself by laughing out loud more than once!) and grounded in examples and insights from Carrie’s life journey, The 2 Choices is a great choice for anyone looking to get their head around how we can utilize the feedback from our emotions to create amazingly successful lives.”

Dina Proctor

Author of Madly Chasing Peace

“In her book The 2 Choices, Carrie Jolie Dale shows us the power inside ourselves to find our courage, our intellect, our heart and our way home. All we have to do is choose it. Discover a simple, direct and feel-good way to live a passion-filled life with this book.”

Christina Rasmussen

Author of Second Firsts: Live, Laugh, and Love Again