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Evolve. Grow. Be your best self.  Find your purpose. Live your dreams. Make it happen. Just do it. Reach for the top.


I see the value in all of the above words and concepts, Yet, I do think there are times we just need to play hooky from it all.  

Don’t you sometimes just need a break?

To chill out and just bask in the beauty and brilliance of  doing nothing.  

Can we let go of having to do, do, do and just be, be, be?

If doing nothing doesn’t float your boat, then what about just stepping away from things that feel heavy, like a weight on your shoulders, boring, dull, or time wasting—for a bit?

And, please hear this loud and clear—I don’t advocate truly being “bad” or walking away from important responsibilities.

That is not my point. 

My point is, we often feel bad for not liking things we are taught we should like. We place pressure on ourselves to fit a mold, do things a certain way or “measure up.” 

Yuk!  I say play hooky from that thought. 

We feel like we are bad or wrong if we take a break from these things, create boundaries, or completely walk away from things that don’t light our fire.

It’s not bad to play hooky at times. In some circumstance, it might be the best thing for you.

Or, another way of saying this is—take a break from the things that you don’t enjoy and add more of things you do enjoy into your life.

I’m not talking about the scrubbing of the toilet and paying bills. I am talking about the ways in which we settle for less than we know we deserve.

I am talking about those times, when your soul needs a break—even if you or others see it as being bad.

Give that to yourself.

It’s important to take a look at the times you do feel like playing hooky, or escaping. If your instinct is to run away, to leave, to hide and to lie to get out of having to do something, then you should examine why you are doing that thing in the first place.

If something causes us pain, discomfort and misery in life . . . why are we still doing it?  

Why do we persist in jobs we don’t like, relationships that are harmful or negative and why do we allow things in our life that make us unhappy?

I am suggesting you try to find a way . . . even if its just on an emotional level, to take a break from those things. 


Yes, there is value in hard work personal challenges and working through struggles, but not as the dominant theme in our lives.

Not if it makes you feel burdened, tired, bored, stressed, overwhelmed on a regular basis.

That is natures way of saying—play hooky from this thing you are forcing yourself to do.

It’s not that it’s bad to give yourself a break. It’s that we’ve been trained to feel that feeling good is bad—in certain circumstances.

Find a way to play hooky from the things that are bringing you down in life and say yes to that which feeds your soul.

It’s ok to just enjoy. To just be.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you feel about this. In what area of your life do you need to give yourself a break?



Carrie Jolie