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snap-3I fess up. I am guilty of judging. I think we all do, or have  at some point in our lives.               

There is part of it that feels like a natural process of discovering what we want. It is how we are able to decide and CHOOSE what it is that we like, or dislike in life.

But when does a simple observation about something turn negative or harmful?

An observation turns to a negative judgment when we hold ourselves “above” another based on our observations. It is taking our observation of something or someone and labeling it as wrong, bad, morally corrupt, weak,  lazy, and any other terms that might elicit a negative response or feeling. 

Hmmmm . . . but isn’t there a tiny shred of value in that, at times?

Isn’t it a factual statement that a person that is honorable and does good things, is kind and considerate, is labeled as a “better” person than someone that is cruel, abusive and corrupt?

Isn’t that a judgment?

The entire concept of judgment seems to carry many mixed messages.

Who can, beyond a shadow of a doubt, prove that one persons version of “right” is more right than anothers?

Maybe right and wrong is just a personal thing and when we start to place our version of what we think is right or wrong on another—that is where the trouble begins.  

As the saying goes, live and let live. Right?

But, that is one of those sayings that is easy to say and not so easy for most to live. 

Why?  Because most humans think that their way is the right way.  So what is the solution?

The solution is to not be attached to our version of what is right and wrong. To not make others wrong for their beliefs. To let go of negative judgments and allow others to live their truths.

One smaller scale solution is to not beat ourselves up when we judge and seek discernment about it.

Only you can be the judge of when a mere observation turns into a negative for you.  

One thing I ask myself when I find myself in judgment is I turn it around and ask myself if it’s something I really am judging about myself, or something I fear that others might judge me for.

Sometimes, judgment is the best form of self reflection. It’s the  “when you point the finger, you have 3 pointing right back at you” concept.

Judging , in my opinion turns against us when we use it as an excuse to NOT be our best selves. When we hide behind it to stay stuck stay in our wounds, our false perceptions, and our weaknesses. 

Perhaps by seeing contrasting things, or things we might label as wrong, negative or horrible, we are able to have more clarity and certainty about what we love. But it seem that a little bit of judgment seeps into that process. 

I believe that we are here to enjoy life.  To choose to remember our common bond that we all share, no matter what our perceived differences are—that we walk the same planet together. We all feel. We all breathe. We are all in this together, no matter what our differences.

Choose Love. Choose to let go of negative judgments that hold you back from being the best version of you. Choose to feel good, because that is what keeps you in a space of manifesting health, wealth, happiness and your desires.

Please leave a comment and let me know your take on judgment or observation. What do you think?