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Because it’s so (bleeping) exhausting, that is why.      Happiness-Hands1

Some people are just born rosy,  doesn’t it seem that way?

I stared to feel like being happy was a lot of work rather than just a by product of a great life.

Then I realized that my definition of happy was all messed up and wrong (and that societies is in general).

I realized that I had created an ideal of what happy should look like, that was inauthentic.

Happiness, I thought, looked more like a hallmark card than my life.  And, I felt like something was wrong with me because my life didn’t look like that.

As soon as I let go of that stick and stopped chasing happy,  I discovered a more real, true and deeper understanding of what being happy is all about.

So why do we try so hard and what is wrong with NOT feeling happy all the time? Why does it matter if we are grouchy and annoyed?  Are we somehow less spiritual, less together and just LESS THAN, if we feel negative emotion?

Negative emotion can be a great thing,  because it tells us that something is out of whack in our lives.

Cramming antidepressants down our throats to run from what we really feel, is not the answer and will end up slowly killing us in the end.

We are made to feel. Not just happy, but all the other things as well.

We are made to feel pain, regret, shame, sadness, elation and embarrassment.

They are our indicators that something needs attention.

You have road rage and underneath that is that you just want a break. You want a couple days to unplug and unwind. You want to breathe.

You feel like crying at the drop of a hat because you haven’t discussed something that has been bugging you in your love relationship.  You crave connection.

You feel tired every time you go to work because . . you hate your job!  You want a career that you feel passionate about.

Ad the list goes on.

When we get really, really real about how we feel, that is when the magic can take place in our lives. That is when we can stop trying to reach some idealistic BS hallmark version of happy and just be.   This is where the magic of manifesting takes place.  You can’t manifest things from a place of forcing or faking it.

You manifest things from a place of being real, authentic and learning how to incrementally raise your vibration. 

Just being and just feeling are the keys to real happiness, because when we allow the truth of how we feel to come through—we allow who we are to be present in the world.  And when we allow the truth of who are in the world—we no longer need to hide, and to feel all those feelings that we may label as bad.

Feelings are our helpers— there to let us know we just gotta feel it, talk to it, surrender to it, love it, love it some more,  hug a friend and then be with it.

Ultimately, like almost everything else, how we feel is a choice.  We choose to feel happy from a real place, or we choose it from a fake place, which really isn’t feeling—it’s acting.

Stop chasing happy and just be.  The happy will show up.